''Only one business in the Galaxy...'' Achievement

  • ''Only one business in the Galaxy...''



    Earn 10,000,000,000 studs

    Note: This total is not cumulative; you need to have 10 billion studs all at once for this to unlock.

    This is going to be a grind if you have not purchased and activated all five stud multipliers. The good thing about multipliers is that for every one you own, it multiplies what you collect for each stud. For instance, if you have the x2 and x4 multipliers, each stud will be x8. If you additionally have the x6 multiplier, it will be x48 for each stud collected, and so on up to x3840 for all five multipliers, potentially giving you millions of studs in a matter of seconds.

    To obtain the stud multipliers as soon as possible, you should not be purchasing anything else in the game, such as characters, rumors, upgrades (except maybe 'Attract Studs'), etc. Once you have reached the cost of each multiplier and have collected enough datacards, you should purchase them immediately. The costs are as follows:
    • x2 - 1 million
    • x4 - 2 million
    • x6 - 8 million
    • x8 - 48 million
    • x10 - 384 million
    There is no one way to collect a massive amount of studs at once, but if you replay a couple of flight levels in Free Play, with all five multipliers, you can earn between 400-500 million each run in about 5 to 10 minutes. The levels are Level 5, ‘Now This is Pod Racing’ from Episode I and Level 5, ‘Stay on Target’ from Episode IV. Feel free to experiment with other levels.

    Another method to earning a lot of studs is on Bespin: Cloud City. When you land, there are two AT-RTs flanking the Landing Pad. When you enter one, start running over any and all LEGO bricks you can find. You will accumulate millions of studs in a matter of minutes.

    Of course, you can just play through the game naturally, and with the multipliers, you will certainly accumulate 10 billion studs while doing everything else in the game without the need for replaying any level.

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