''I don't like you either!'' Achievement

  • ''I don't like you either!''



    Achieve a combat multiplier score of 30

    You can earn this at any time during the story or in Free Play and will likely unlock without even trying. When you hit an enemy in quick succession, your combo meter rises. There is a thin gauge to the right of the meter that fills up as you increase your combo and decreases when you don’t. When the gauge is depleted, you lose your combo. As long as you keep building your combo, you should reach 30 or more in no time.

    One way to earn this is during a lightsaber battle. Often there will be a section where you have to mash :1y: to clash blades. Each hit causes your combo meter to increase, up to a 25 combo. Quickly strike a few more times to get your meter to 30. If you were fortunate enough to have a combo before the QTE section, you may reach 30 during the event.

    When using a ranged weapon, a good level to earn this is Episode IV, Level 1, ‘Boarding Party’. Soon after you take control of your character, there will be a segment where Stormtroopers will cut through a door and storm the corridor. For every shot that hits, your combo meter increases. You can easily get a 35-40 combo here.

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