''Hey, what are you trying to push on us?'' Achievement

  • ''Hey, what are you trying to push on us?''



    Complete all the Jawa's ''Faulty Droid'' missions on Tatooine

    This cannot be attempted until you’ve progressed far enough into the story to have unlocked all the locations you are required to travel to. If a mission happens to be locked, you can purchase the rumor to show what the prerequisites are.

    To unlock this, you first must complete a puzzle (called ‘Dodgy Dwellings’) and a side mission (called ‘Dodginess Manifest’), both located on Jakku: Tuanul Village, before you can start working on the Jawa missions.

    Start off by traveling to the Federal District on Coruscant to obtain a password that is needed to gain access to a residence on Jakku. Required are a Villain character (for an Imperial terminal) and a Protocol Droid (to access a hatch and obtain the password for ‘Tuanul Residence’). The location is in the images below.

    Once you have obtained the password, travel to Tuanul Village on Jakku and locate a residence in the southeast part of the village. Two First Order troopers are trying to get into the residence, so use the Protocol Droid terminal to access the dwelling. Once inside, there is a table to one side of the doorway that you need to smash to find a manifest (this will complete the puzzle). When the troopers stop talking, talk to the mission giver with a Bounty Hunter character and accept the mission.

    Read the manifest and you will find that it seems mostly gibberish. On the other side of the doorway is an astromech droid who will decode the manifest for 10,000 studs. It will tell you that some of the words are written backwards, revealing that you need to travel to Niima Outpost on Jakku. There, you will speak to two characters that will direct you to Canto Bight on Cantonica.

    Travel to the casino in Canto Bight and you will uncover the dodgy droid dealer. After fleeing then being caught, he will instruct Sidon Ithano to fight you. Defeat Ithano then speak to the droid dealer to complete the mission. Doing this will unlock the first Jawa mission in the Jundland Wastes on Tatooine (as well as the Sidon Ithano character).

    You can now finally begin working on the actual achievement. Travel to the Jundland Wastes on Tatooine and make your way to the Jawa camp (near the Lars Homestead). Upon completing each of the 8 side missions, you will return and speak to another Jawa, either in the camp or nearby.

    Note: Completing one mission unlocks the next one. Return to and speak with the mission giver after completing each.

    1 - ‘Probes and Cons’ - Capture an Imperial Probe Droid near Lars Homestead
    2 - ‘Rodent Retrieval’ - Travel to Mustafar: Mining Complex to capture a Mouse Droid
    3 - ‘That Droid is the Pits’ - Travel to Tatooine: Mos Espa to capture a Pit Droid
    4 - ‘Protocol Recall’ - Travel to D’Qar: Resistance Base to capture a Protocol Droid
    5 - ‘For OOM the Bell Tolls’ - Travel to Geonosis: Stalgasin Hive to capture a Battle Droid
    6 - ‘Don't Be Afraid of the Dark-Eye’ - Travel to Kashyyyk: Kachirho to capture a Sith Probe Droid
    7 - ‘Droids Have Magnitude!’ - Travel to Utapau: Pau City to capture a MagnaGuard
    8 - ‘Battle Droid Royale’ - Travel to Jabba’s Palace in the Jundland Wastes and defeat all the previously captured droids (except Imperial Probe Droid)

    You will earn this achievement on your way to unlocking ''See you around, kid'' (100G). For completing all the required missions, you will earn 3 Kyber bricks and 9 Characters as well as this achievement.

    Thanks to Thomas’ Trophy Tutorials for the video:

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