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  • ''GONK!''



    Complete all the GNK droid escort missions

    This cannot be attempted until you’ve progressed far enough into the story to have unlocked all the locations you are required to travel to. If a mission happens to be locked or unrevealed, you can purchase the rumor to show what the prerequisites are.

    There are 8 GNK droid escort missions throughout the galaxy. Locate and speak to the mission giver, and upon accepting the mission, you must escort the droid through the environment while being ambushed by 3-5 waves of enemies. They will show on your minimap as red dots, so protect the droid during each wave. If its health is depleted, you fail the mission and have the option to retry it. Successfully guide the droid to its destination and speak to it to complete the mission.

    1 - ‘Gonk and Circumstance’ - Cantonica: Canto Bight
    2 - ‘Forest Gonk’ - Kashyyyk: Kachirho
    3 - ‘Gonkwards and Upwards’ - Kef Bir: Crash Site (Death Star II Ruins)
    4 - ‘Going, Going, Gonk!’ - Tatooine: Jundland Wastes
    5 - ‘Gonk-stores Paradise’ - Tatooine: Mos Eisley
    6 - ‘Gonk with the Hyperwind’ - Utapau: Pau City
    7 - ‘For the Greater Gonk’ - Geonosis: Stalgasin Hive (unlocks after completing Utapau mission)
    8 - ‘The Final Gonk’ - Mustafar: Space (unlocks when all other missions are completed)

    You will earn this achievement on your way to unlocking ''See you around, kid'' (100G). For completing all the required missions, you will earn 2 Kyber bricks, 6 Characters and 1 Ship as well as this achievement.

    Thanks to Thomas’ Trophy Tutorials for the video:

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