''I can fly anything'' Achievement

  • ''I can fly anything''



    Complete a flight level without dying

    This can be earned on any level that features you piloting a ship. It is suggested that you attempt this in a level in open space rather than one where there are obstacles, such as turrets or asteroids. Complete the objectives as quick as possible and make sure you barrel roll when the :1lb: and :1rb: prompts appear on screen, otherwise you’ll take considerable damage. Your shields, however, do regenerate after a short period of time (if you have enabled ‘Automatic Health Recovery’ in the Gameplay Options menu).

    These are some flight levels you can attempt this on:
    • Episode I, Level 5, ‘Now This is Pod Racing’
    • Episode II, Level 2, ‘The Hunt for Jango’
    • Episode IV, Level 5, ‘Stay on Target’
    • Episode V, Level 2, ‘Assault on Echo Base’
    • Episode V, Level 3, ‘Never Tell Me the Odds’
    • Episode VII, Level 5, ‘Destroying Starkiller’
    • Episode VIII, Level 1, ‘Dameron’s Defiance’

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