Camera Eye Achievement

  • Camera Eye



    Take all optional photos in Episode 3: Chaos Theory


    After taking all ten photos you will receive this achievement as well. If you miss any pictures during the story, you can load various areas in "collectible mode" and get them this way without affecting any of your story choices or having to start a new play through. You can check your progress at any time by hitting the Back button and going to the third tab. The pictures there in black and white show hints of what to look out for in finding the other photo ops.


  • Here is a video guide with English commentary for the "Camera Eye" achievement! Here is a playlist of guides for Life is Strange!
  • i got all optional photo achievements and then this one didnt pop up at the end... anyone have any idea what i should do?
  • got it just replayed the chapter and picked different choices and it unlocked after the 6th optional photo!
  • yes me to #2, just reloaded "collectible mode" and re-take the pictures, achievement unlocked at the third

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