Angel of Salvation Achievement

  • Angel of Salvation



    Proof of clearing 25 side quests. It is a great feat to lead so many souls to salvation.

    In each continent there are NPCs who have blue stars displaying under their names. These are side quest givers, and the blue stars are the difficulty rating of their quests, from the easiest (1 star) to the hardest (3 stars). 1-star quests weigh 0.02; 2-star quests weigh 0.04; 3-star quests weigh 0.06. If all completed quests weigh 1 or above, then you should be able to reach Day 13 and 14. (credit to Prima Guide)

    There are 66 side quests. Five are mandatory for main story progression. You are strongly recommended to do ALL side quests. For their exact locations, see

  • Luxerion - 21 completeable quests (1 more that can be failed to get a different quest) Yusnaan - 16 quests Wildlands - 22 quests Dead Dunes - 7 quests (with 1 more requiring a second playthrough) Each quest has a certain time frame its available to start and most have prerequisites that must be obtained before that quest is available to you. There is also a few that are only available during certain other quests and if not completed in time will be failed and therefore unable to complete. Most quests though you cannot fail unless you run out of time and the world ends, you should have plenty of time though so no worries. Quest givers will have Blue Stars by their name icon indicating they have a quest for you, so be on the look out

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