Perfect Passenger Achievement in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

  • Perfect Passenger



    Proof of riding upon all of the great monorail lines that cross this shrinking world.

  • How to unlock Perfect Passenger

    The four continents - Luxerion, Yusnaan, Wildlands, Dead Dunes - are connected by monorail lines. You need to ride upon both go and return lines. The following order is suggested.

    Luxerion (north station) → Yusnaan → Luxerion (north station), and then Luxerion (south station) → Wildlands → Dead Dunes → Wildlands → Luxerion (south station)

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  • You must do "to and from" for each monorail. Luxerion North Station - Yusnaan Luxerion South Station - Wildlands Luxerion South Station - Dead Dunes Wildlands - Dead Dunes

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