Globetrotter Achievement in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

  • Globetrotter



    Proof of building strong bridges to span the depths between continents, making all the world one.

  • How to unlock Globetrotter

    On Day 9, three Canvas of Prayers quests will spawn: Roadworks I, II, & III. These quests require a total of 6 items.

    Roadworks I: items obtained by interacting with the light on the blue guard stations on Luxerion NW strong bridge and Wildlands SE strong bridge respectively.

    Roadworks II: items obtained from two treasure spheres, one near Oasis Lighthouse in Dead Dunes, and the other outside the giant white debris to the south of Aryas Village in Wildlands.

    Roadworks III: items obtained from two treasure spheres, one in a Yusnaan underground passage, and the other inside the entrace of Grave of the Colossi Shrine in Dead Dunes. They are along main story progression pathways so should be very hard to miss.

    The achievement will unlock after completing all three quests.

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  • Comes from doing the Canvas of Prayers quests... -Roadworks 1,2 and 3
  • Not quite got to that point yet but i presume this means you can go on foot to other locations instead of getting the train?
  • #1 - Luxerion - Proof of unlocking the light gate #2 - Wildlands - Proof of unlocking the green gate #3 - Wildlands - Key to the green gate #4 - Dead Dunes - Key to the sand gate #5 - Dead Dunes - Bandit's Bloodseal #6 - Yusnaan - Oath of the Merchants Guild and by going to those bridge that are lock open it with those keys look on youtube to find out how to get it
  • These roads are great places to farm Soul Seeds as the chaos spawns more frequently here. Note that Soul Seeds have a 1 hour in game cooldown

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