A Helping Hand Achievement in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

  • A Helping Hand



    Proof of clearing 25 quests that have appeared writ on the Canvas of Prayers.

  • How to unlock A Helping Hand

    Near the monorail stations, there is always a chocobo-lady, Chocolina, standing next to a notice board, which is a Canvas of Prayers. Interacting with it will reveal quests, which are usually about slaying a certain amount of monsters for their spoils or fetching items around the continent. There are a total of 83 quests, appearing in small numbers per day. Complete any 25 of them, regardless of difficulty, and the achievement will unlock.

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  • You can find these quests by talking to Chocolina in each area. They are generally - turn in X amount of an items - usually monster drops, so DO NOT sell anything except the Medals. Each area has its own specific quests plus you can access the GLOBAL quests from any of the locations. The GLOBAL quests are mostly finding certain objects, usually in treasure spheres that are hidden around the world, sometimes only showing up at certain times. The Description of the quest should give you some clues. You should be able to get this by turning in monster items though as long as you fight occasionally. There is plenty of quests available, just be sure to check in with Chocolina frequently.
  • Be sure to check back at each board as more quests are added everyday. The rewards aren't huge for each of these, but after a couple days of running around and fighting monsters, you should have plenty of quests to turn in

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