Novice Stylist Achievement in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

  • Novice Stylist



    Proof of customizing your first schema. Continue on this path to find your own style.

  • How to unlock Novice Stylist

    After the battle tutorials at the beginning of the game, Lightning will return to the Ark, where Hope will present gift cubes to Lightning. In one cube are a set of new garb, and the game will provide a tutorial on how to set up a schema with the new garb. Complete the tutorial and the achievement will unlock.

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  • After the first mission where you follow Snow, you will be at the Ark with Hope. There are a few treasure cubes floating around, go pick them up and you will get a SCHEMA tutorial, follow the instructions and when you get one completely assigned (garb, weapon, shield, and attacks - X/Y/B) the achievement will pop.
  • Just a note: you have to do the SCHEMA tutorial in order to get the achievement! It won't work if you skip it.

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