Expert Craftsman Achievement in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

  • Expert Craftsman



    Proof of upgrading accessories 30 times.

  • How to unlock Expert Craftsman

    Accessory upgrading is different from weapon/shield upgrading – by collecting the same accessory in NG+ a second time. As a result, you should try your best to obtain as many accessories (from treasure spheres and fighting Last Ones) as you can to carry them over to NG+ to speed up the progress. Since an accessory can be upgraded twice and still count towards this achievement, if you do not have enough accessories, then you will have to play NG++.

    Note: there are two types of accessories: headwear and bands. ‘Accessory’ here only refers to headwear, as bands cannot be further upgraded even in NG+.

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  • You can upgrade accessories by finding the same treasure sphere in game+ that you did during the first playthrough. You'll see the item transform from "Soul of Thamasa" -> "Soul of Thamasa+".

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