Expert Stylist Achievement in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

  • Expert Stylist



    Proof of obtaining 30 different garb.

  • How to unlock Expert Stylist

    Garb can be bought from stores in any continents or rewarded from quests. For this achievement you only need 30 different sets of clothing. You can also speed up the process by DLC Garb, and if you have both save files of XIII and XIII-2 you can get two more for free.

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  • You get a few just progressing the story; make sure to visit every shop even if its in the same town/region as they often sell different garbs even if the shops aren't that far from each other and more unlock at later dates. If you've played past FF13 games you can get Lightning's original outfit (good early ATB speed) and her Goddess outfit (generally good all round early on not to mention no locked Schema slots!). Play the demo to get a free outfit too! Doesn't matter if you've started the full game its worth downloading the demo as it takes two minutes to just rush through, all you have to do is submit your battle score against Zaltys. Also the Miqo'te (cat) outfit is one easily missed in Yusnaan, during the mission where you collect fireworks speak to the Chocobo girls after learning t
  • the magic words (on the posters near by), it's a surprisingly useful outfit for a early Sentinel Schema build as it has maxed Medi-Guard.
  • While you explore each of the locations, stop by the Tailor/Armory shops and buys some new garbs. After Day 7, (I believe) the shops get new stuff so be sure to check out them again to see if there is anything new. You should get this easily by just visiting the cities and buying them from shops. They are cheap so don't worry about spending all your Gil.
  • If i remember rightly, Day 9 is the last of new stock of Garb, and 10 for weapons and shields.

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