Fatal Impact Achievement in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

  • Fatal Impact



    Proof of dealing damage so great that it goes beyond all reason or expectation.

  • How to unlock Fatal Impact

    You need to deal more than 99,999 damage points for one single hit. This can be achieved by using strong one-hit abilities, and equipping good weapons for Lightning.

    The enemy Gurangatch (a yellow shelled-lizard appearing in Yusnaan and Dead Dunes) is a good enemy choice for this achievement, because after staggering, its resistance to all kinds of attacks drops to Weakness, leaving it very vulnerable for high damage output.

    Also, if you have the DLC Cloud garb, its ability is Heavy Slash Lv.2, which is an incredibly powerful move at the beginning of the game, and can easily deal more than 99,999 damage if the enemy is staggered.

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  • Just do over 99,999 damage, easiest with Clouds outfit on armadillo things. Just stagger and use slayer, add deprotect if needed.
  • Clouds outfit does seem to be the most useful out of the bonus ones so far, its the only one i still regularly use out of the bonus ones that i have, that and the FF13-2 Goddess shield.
  • You must achieve 100k damage in a single hit. Best way to do this is against the Gurangatch (armored lizard) located in the Dead Dunes. Have a high strength Schemata (a min of 1k strength) with an Ability like - Heavy Slash Lv. 3 or another move that is physical based and does more damage to a Staggered oppenent. (Heavy Slash lv3 is on the "Hunter of the Wild" and "Dragon's Blood" garbs found in shops in the Wildlands. To Stagger the beast use debuffs like deprotect/deshell and hammer away at it, use EP if you want you will get 4 at the end of the battle. Once staggered make sure deprotect is on and use Hvy Slash, with any luck you should get it. If not, increase your strength and try again. I got it after about 3 battles against the beast so it might be a critical hit, just
  • I think the easiest way to do it is by fighting the aster protoflorian, in the rocky crag, located in the wildlands. Just have one schema that has beat down and can launch. Other (or same one) schema should have heavy slash. Stagger the beast, keep using beat down until given the option to launch Immediately switch to other schema and instead of heavy slash, you should be given the option to smite. Use it and you should get 100,000+ (Or at least that's what I did)
  • Here is a quick video with a good method for getting this. Good Luck! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1J140M92Q2M
  • Hi... when do you get this achievement? i got this on my first playthrough whilst fighting the Aeronite (sp) before i had even unlocked limit break. I also did over 120,000 damage to god.
  • I did this on the Aster Protoflorian, Once I had staggered him I used the beat down attack, followed by the launch, followed by the smite attack and I did about 305,000 in damage.
  • To defeat Aeronite quickly, you pretty much have to deal more than 99,999 damage. I happened to get this while battling it.

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