Intermediate Zombie Hunter Achievement

  • Intermediate Zombie Hunter



    Clear Stage 2, surpassing Dad's score.

    You must surpass Dad's score by clearing Stage 2 with a score of 161,100 or higher. This can be achieved in Story Mode or Ranking Mode but Ranking is recommended as there are Bonus requirements that can help you with scoring higher.

    Bonus Requirements

    Stage 2-1

    • Sparkle Hunting - 4 Decaps
    • No Damage: Football Zombie
    • No Overheat Experienced

    Stage 2-2

    • All Classmates Rescued
    • No Mistakes: Nick Zombie Cheer
    • No Damage: 4F
    • No Damage: 2F

    Stage 2-3

    • Speedy Finish: Z-Basketball
    • No Overheat Experienced
    • No Damage: Gym

    Stage 2-4

    • All Classmates Rescued
    • No Mistakes: Nick Zombie Cheer
    • No Overheat Experienced
    • 3 Headshots

    Stage 2-5 (Note: Only during boss battle)

    • Lucky Nick Not Used
    • Lollipop Not Used
    • Speedy Finish

    There is a score exploit for this stage if you have trouble beating dad's score here. After you save the three kids from the zombie cheerleaders and kill Josephine there's a quick-time event that you can repeatedly do for bonus points. In the alley is a rainbow colored jump pad that you must rapidly press  on followed by a few other buttons while you're in the air. Perform the quick time event and once you land on the railing turn around and drop down and head to the jump pad to repeat for bonus points! It's quite repetitive but you can use the pause button to see what button you should press, which allows you to react inhumanly fast and land 4 events per jump for extra points. 

    For more information regarding scoring, see Master Zombie Hunter achievement description.

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  • So, any tips? I got stage 5, stage 1 and the prologue done.. I'm working through the story once more for these [I got stage 5 without attempting the achievement]I got two rankings ABOVE dad's but yet the score itself is always LESS, how does that work? I sparkle hunt everywhere I can possibly manage, I gather every platinum and gold coin around and I do not use any continues and always beat dad's time by quite a chunk. I even practically doubled the coins gathered, time completed and sparkle hunting stats for dad and still had less score.. how is Score determined exactly?
  • i can't get this one, i have all of the rankings above dad's on this level but my score is still less than his... how are you supposed to get a better score then?
  • My best theory would be to Level up Juliet all the way first THEN try these achievements. For me i use the skill i think is bad ass and will work for a group of zombies for Sparkle hunting, the skill is X, X, X, X, then Y.
  • Thanks! I finally have all the zombie hunter achievements:3
  • Also, during the Zombie Basketball focus on 2 pointers. That way you can kill more zombies for 500 points. Plus, if you die, do NOT continue. If you exit all the way to the main screen and do start game, YES on continue from previous checkpoint, it will not count as a CONTINUE. And no 5,000 deduct.
  • My 1st attempt at breaking the score I got all A's in every category, but still didn't get the achievement. 2nd time through I made a point of getting as many sparkle hunters as possible, best place for this is during the baseball game: After the 1st run a pitcher appears, which allows you to shoot him, 2nd baseman and anyone else around. I got probably 5-6 during that point.

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