Advanced Zombie Hunter Achievement

  • Advanced Zombie Hunter



    Clear Stage 3, surpassing Dad's score.

    You must surpass Dad's score by clearing Stage 3 with a score of 294,900 or higher. This can be achieved in Story Mode or Ranking Mode but Ranking is recommended as there are Bonus requirements that can help you score more.

    Bonus Requirements

    Stage 3-1

    • No Damage
    • No Mistakes: Nick Zombie Cheer
    • Speedy Finish: Bus Shoot

    Stage 3-2

    • No Damage
    • Sparkle Hunting - 3 Decaps
    • No Damage: Bus
    • No Damage: Fat Old Man

    Stage 3-3

    • No Damage
    • All Classmates Rescued
    • No Damage: Big Chicken
    • Speedy Finish: Combine Event

    Stage 3-4

    • Sparkle Hunting - 7 Decaps
    • No Damage: Big Chicken
    • No Damage: Combine Game

    Stage 3-5 (During boss battle only)

    • Lucky Nick Not Used
    • Lollipop Not Used
    • Speedy Finish

    For more information regarding scoring, see Master Zombie Hunter achievement description.

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  • help me please.i cant do it
  • seriously help me !!!!
  • I just finished this level for the first time, and my final score was 294,860. I can't believe how close I got.
  • Got the achievement on easy. I suggest using nickshake often, use chainsaw dash to move faster and also do as many sparkle huntings as you can. Easiest place where you can do this is the place filled with barrels (where zombies appear 3 times in a row): don't shoot the barrels, just use combo's (I used A,A,X)or activate the sparkle meter to get lots of sparkle huntings there. Another trick: when you arrive at the place where you can do poledancing to kill the zombies: don't do it. Just try to get sparkle huntings through combo's. After you killed all of the zombies, jump on the pole and use it. You'll still get the same amount of medals you would have gotten if you had killed zombies that way.

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