Super Zombie Hunter Achievement

  • Super Zombie Hunter



    Clear Stage 4, surpassing Dad's score.

    You must surpass Dad's score by clearing Stage 4 with a score of 127,600 or higher. This can be achieved in Story Mode or Ranking Mode but Ranking is recommended as there are Bonus requirements that can help you with scoring higher. 

    Bonus Requirements

    Stage 4-1

    • Sparkle Hunting - 3 Decaps
    • All Classmates Rescued
    • No Alert: Dokuroman
    • Speedy Finish: Dokuroman Game

    Stage 4-2

    • All Classmates Rescued
    • No Mistakes: Nick Zombie Cheer
    • No Damage: Building Dungeon

    Stage 4-3

    • Sparkle Hunting - 5 Decaps
    • Speedy Finish: Block Game
    • No Damage: Pole Room Battle
    • Climber Game: Nothing Broken

    Stage 4-4 (Note: Only during boss battle)

    • Lucky Nick Not Used
    • Lollipop Not Used
    • Speedy Finish

    You must clear Stage 4 while surpassing Dad's high score for this achievement. This is one of the easier Stages to get an A on because of a score exploit during the platform arcade game. Once you get to the QTE section where you jump off a platform onto the heads of some zombies press  to start but then nothing else so that you'll fall leaving the zombies unharmed. Now run back a little so that the zombies chase and bunch up then use the combo      . You should get 3 or 4 Sparkle kills to work toward your target score. Now take the elevator to your left back up and repeat until satisfied. If you score is around 45,000 that should be enough to get the A if you continue from there. 

    For more information regarding scoring, see Master Zombie Hunter achievement description.

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  • You can use an exploit in one of the mini-games to help with this one. In the game with the pink elevators, when you get to the level where you have to press the right buttons to jump across the 4 or 5 zombies, just press the initial 'B' and let yourself fall to the zombies. Use AAX (best not to touch the left stick once you start the combo) for sparkle hunting. Keep repeating.
  • Nice find, i'll give this a go now!
  • Nice! Worked like a charm!
  • I wish Stage 2 and 3 had something similar ;)
  • How would we be able to repeat? It's not like you can reload last checkpoint, You would still have the same score as you did before you've done the trick ... Ah well whatever. Very nice tip! Never knew you could do that! ^-^
  • OH! I SEEEE! WOW .. I am an idiot... Excuse my last post. Thank you so much for the idea / exploit
  • gong to try this tonight
  • this level is such a pain in the ass....
  • After doing the lift without shooting this level was a breeze.
  • I still wish the inventor of the gondola game got randomly punched in the face someday
  • ^ I wish that as well

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