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  • Congratulations! Happy Birthday!



    Watched the happy ending.

    To obtain the Good Ending you must complete Stage 6 (Killabilly), while having all of the classmates rescued. If you happen to miss some then you will receive the Bad Ending instead. Don't fret if you get the Bad Ending. You can simply use the Stage Select option to run back and save any classmates you missed! See San Romero Knights Savior for a guide on how and where to save all 21 classmates. Once you have all 21 rescued, re-challenge Killabilly and complete the Stage to finally receive your good ending. 

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  • You get this achievement for beating the game after you saved all your classmates.
  • Darn, I let like 6 die. Guess that's one more playthrough for me then.
  • I only had to do 2 levels over...Thanks Sneezle
  • I can't seem to find two classmates in the Highschool level. I can't find the 4th or 2nd to the last. I've ran through the map twice. I can't find them, let alone save them. Help?
  • @Brash Attack, if your talking about the level after the prologue, then the first like 3 or so the game will show you them, but they often put them at the back of a bunch of zombies, just walk past em and fight the zombies at the classmate, then there are three you save at once when you're doing the pole dance thing, they are in the corner behind you, dont let any fire zombies touch em cause they got bombs attached, after you kill the zombies, make sure you walk up to each of the survivors seperately, not just the one in front on a different note, how do you check which classmates you got on each level?
  • For Salmon Gaurdian: when you are in a level, enter the Start menu and press the X button. A list will apear that shows you how many classmates you've saved (highlighted in green, i think), and how many you're suppose to save(white, not green :P) on each level that you have completed. Hope that helps! :D
  • Also guys this is difficulty sensitive, if your playing on easy not all of the survivours will be there for you to save, so crank up your difficulty and get stuck in. Hard really isn't that hard to be honest.
  • @#7 You can't play on easy, just on normal. Furthermore you can find all of them on normal.
  • To confirm you CAN play the game on easy and still save ALL the classmates (I did). If you finished the game and did not find all the classmates, when you go back and you do find them. You MUST replay the final boss stage again and watch the ending video to get this. Hope this helps. :)
  • Anyone got tips for saving the last dude in Stage 5? I keep getting him blown up or eaten - no in between.
  • (Above Post) Play on easy, Save your sparkles. When you go through the gate, SHOOT all the RED barrels straight away, then the BLUE. Mop up the remaining zombies with sparkles (Just press RT). When you get to the entrance with fire on floor blow up blue barrel, some more zombies will come. I found using the A,A,X button combo works best here. Follow him to the elevator. Done. Hope this helps. :)
  • I can't even find them all. If you don't get to a certain spot at a certain time are they already turned into zombies? For instance, in prologue, you encounter two named zombies: Mikaela and George. Are they there because you didn't get to them fast enough so they turn into zombies before you encounter them?
  • Wait. Never mind. I know what I need to do. XD I found my list thing.
  • I got this one, EASY MODE, just hit pause on any stage and hit X to see which survivors are left. Once you rescue all, go and beat KillaBilly again and watch the credits and you'll get the Happy Ending.
  • #14 You can't get the happy ending if you've only played on Easy mode. Not all of the survivors spawn. Just FYI to anyone else who reads that comment. You must play on Hard, as well.
  • @10 for stage 5 all you have to do is... nothing. lol Once you get to the explosive zombie part just let them follow him to the tanker. Just make sure you stand by the tanker so it registers that you saved him. If you attack the zombies they will kill him.
  • Do you have to start a new game or can you go into levels and save class mates that you havent
  • @#15 You Do NOT have to play hard. I played the whole game on easy and got the happy ending. all survivors are there. idk why people keep saying they're not
  • #9 Thanks, I actually came here to ask if I could just replay the final boss so that I could go through, get the sad ending, go back and save the survivors and then beat him again.

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