Horrid Birthday Achievement

  • Horrid Birthday



    Watched the bad ending.

    You will unlock the "Bad Ending" of the game when you complete Stage 6 while not having all of the classmates in the game rescued. If you have already saved all of the classmates in the game and have unlocked the "Good Ending", replay Stage 6 again and it will let you choose to watch the Bad Ending for the game.

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  • Hah! Love how the good ending is 100G and this one 15G. Perfect! Looking forward to this one.
  • This might just be for dying. A lot of games have a game over ending. Who knows, we'll see when it comes out.
  • I think this one has to do with the other achievement for saving all the citizens.
  • Maybe for dying on hardcore mode?
  • You get this ending if you don't save all of the classmates, like #3 said. Just got this ending.
  • so... saving the classmates before you finish the game will screw you out of this one then?
  • Yeah, I'd like to know if it's possible for me to get this achievement... I made sure to save all of my classmates on my first runthrough. I'd like to get 1000G in this game, but I'll be kinda pissed if they screwed me out of it...
  • If you did save all your classmates and get the good ending, just replay the final mission/chapter and at the end you can choose what ending you want to see, just choose no on seeing the good ending and the bad ending will roll and achievement will pop.
  • Just got the game the other day and beat it yesterday. I didn't save 1 classmate cause he was being a complete dumbass and walked into FIRE. Yes. FIRE. I defeated Killbilly and was happily making everyone jump during the credits. Got home, and the mother was *SPOILER?* a zombie. I was so pissed off. I replayed both missions today to get this achievement and the rescuing classmates achievement. My lesson has been learned. Never let one dumbass kid walk away while I'm trying to figure out how to move on -.-
  • I didn't view the bad ending, yet this achievement still popped for me. After I beat the game, I just replayed the prologue trying to get a good score for another achievement. When I beat the level, this just popped up for some reason.

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