- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 26 [430]
- Online: 9 [275]
- Approximate amount of time to 705: 25-40 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Number of missable achievements: 2
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats


Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth 2 was one of the first RTS's to grace the 360. While the controls were difficult to master, there was fun to be had. Many completionists will be annoyed by this game due to the fact that it does not have 1000 points as all retail games do, only 705.

All of the single player achievements are easy to get, but are just as easily missed. There are achievements for beating every single mission in the game, but you must also complete a set of bonus objectives to get the achievement. The only achievements you should worry about in the campaign are "Servant of the Secret Fire", and "Servant of the Shadow". After you beat a mission, make sure you always check the stats, and see if any heroes have died. Something that not too many people know, is that on top of your regular heroes, summoned heroes, like Tom Bombadil, or the Balrog count towards these achievements as well.

The multiplayer achievements are a pain, as they require you to win 10 matches in each game mode, and for you to beat someone 20 ranks higher than you. Good luck doing this normally, as the community for this game is lacking. If you want to get any of these achievements, you need to boost them.

Step #1: Good Campaign
The first thing you want to do is start on the good campaign, as it is easier to complete than the evil campaign. What makes the good campaign easier is that you have ability to heal your units, as such, you want to make sure you get the Heal power as soon as you can. With this power, you can use your heroes freely without having to worry about voiding "Servant of the Secret Fire" achievement as much. If you do happen to lose any of your heroes, restart the level. If you continue the campaign if you've lost a hero, you must start a new campaign to get the achievement.

Step #2: Evil Campaign
The evil campaign is slightly harder than the good campaign as there isn't a reliable way to heal your units, and that a good majority of the evil units won't be able to last as long as their good counterparts. As such, you always want to make sure you have a constant stream of units coming in to replace any fallen units. Also, you have to be a little more conservative with your hero units, as you can't heal them. If at any point you lose a hero unit, make sure you restart the level as you would with "Servant of the Secret Fire", or else you will void "Servant of the Shadow".

Step #3: Multiplayer
One of the first things you will need for the multiplayer achievements, is a boosting partner. Seeing as how you only have to quit a game for it to count as a win, it shouldn't take too long, but the amount of loading screens will make it much longer then it needs to be.

The hardest part about maxing this game out, is for the most part multiplayer. The lack of a community makes finding games extremely hard, and majority of the multiplayer achievements unachievable without a boosting partner. As long as you can find someone, this is a fairly easy, alibeit annoying 705.

[XBA would like to thank Asian47 for this Road Map]

Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth 2 Achievement Guide

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There are 35 achievements with a total of 705 points

  • Complete Good Rivendell with all bonus objectives (Level 1) Unlocks Hero: Hadhod

    1.Bring Glorfindel and his Elves to Rivendell.

    2.Warn Elrond of the approaching Goblin army

    3.Defend Rivendell from attack                             

    4.Destroy the Goblin base to the South

    5. Train a battalion of Lorien Warriors from your barracks   

    6.Gloin must reach level 2

    Most of these are easy to do, to train the warriors just buy some from the barracks to the left of the place your at. and to get Gloin to level 2, when you see enemies make sure you put him in battle first, because if you choose to send every body in then Gloin wont be able to attack the Goblins/Spiders as he is the slowest character and will trail way behind everybody else.
  • Purchase first player power

    To obtain this achievement when you start a new Campaign hold down  and if the cursor (its a blue light) isnt already on "Power" move the joystick up or down until it is then click on "Power" then "Power Menu" and choose a Power to buy once you do that and exit out of the Power Screen you will get the achievement.

  • Complete Good High Pass with all bonus objectives (Level 2)

    1.Establish a base at the High Pass

    2.Destroy the Goblin Camp

    3.Rescue Haldir

    4.Kill the Watcher in the Water

    5.Destroy all Goblin Tunnels

    6.Destroy all Gian Fissures

    7.Kill all Mountain Giants

    In order to complete this level make sure once you get the Objective to  Destroy the fissures tunnels etc. that before you progress you take your army all over the map incase you find one that you missed. (You can only see the part of the map that you are at, in order to see if there are any fissures or goblin tunnles you missed you must bring your people to that area).
  • Complete Good Ettenmoors with all bonus objectives (Level 3)

    1.Reach the Elven settlement

    2.Drive the Goblins from the Elven settlement

    3.Free the Dormant Entmoot

    4.Slay the Goblin King

    5.Destroy the Goblin King's stronghold

    6.Destroy 8 Goblin Tunnels

    7.Destroy the Mountain Troll and Giant Drum

    8.Destroy the Goblin Sentry Towers

    In order to complete this level that you find all 8 of the Goblin Tunnels, take your people to other places on the map to make sure you found them all same goes with the Goblin Sentry Towers.
  • Complete Good Blue Mountains with all bonus objectives (Level 4) Unlocks Hero: Maur

    1.Slay the dragon

    2.Build a Fortress inside the cave

    3.Eliminate all Spider Lairs

    4.Build Two Mine Shafts

    5.Demolish the citadel door

    6.Eliminate all Fire Drake Lairs that infest this cavern

    In order to complete this level you must build two mine shatfs near where you built your base (maybe only one, i think one was already built somwhere not too sure though) and to Eliminate all Fire Drake Lairs you must search for them one of them was a hidden a little but you can find them all just everywhere it turns go that way to see if ones there, sometimes one or two will be waiting for you with the goblins.
  • Complete Good Grey Havens with all bonus objectives (Level 5)

    1.Clear all enemy forces out of the Grey Havens

    2.Secure both Shipwrights in the Grey Havens

    3.Build a fleet of no less than four Elven Warships

    4.Destroy the Corsair Naval Blockade

    5.Build an Elven Transport Ship

    6.Capture both Corsair Shipwrights to the South

    7.Destroy the first wave of the beach assault

    8.Destroy the second wave of the beach assault

    9.Destroy the final wave of the beach assault

    10.Build an Elven Storm Ship

    11.Build an Elven Bombardment Ship

    This mission is pretty easy, just build enough ships to destroy the naval blockade and build a big enough army to clear all the enemy from the grey havens (if need be).

  • Complete Good Celduin with all bonus objectives (Level 6)

    1.Return to the Docks

    2.Repel the Mumakil assault

    3.Cross the shallows

    4.Destroy the Mordor Fortress

    5.Capture all Inns and Outposts

    6.Dain must survive

    7.Destroy all Mordor Catapults

    This one can be an annoying level, all of the Inns and Outposts are before you cross the shallow's and so are a couple morder catapult's. You'll find most of the catapults while your clearing out the land (once you cross the shallows go EVERYWHERE on the map so you can get all of the catapults) three of them are past the Fortress, so dont pay any attention to it at first just find the rest of the catapults so you can get the objective complete.
  • Complete Good Erebor with all bonus objectives (Level 7)

    1.The Throne of Erebor must not fall

    2.Defeat the first wave of Mordor attackers

    3.Defeat the third wave of Mordor attackers

    4.Defeat the third wave of Mordor attackers

    5.Defeat the Mouth of Sauron and his retinue

    6.Build a fortress in Dale

    7.Build walls to defent Dale

    This is a fairly easy level, throughout the level enemies will come from behind to attack the Throne of Erebor so make sure you get some sort of a wall guarding the Throne and get an army in there so you will be able to ward off the enemies that come in. Once the wall is built there's an upgrade that allows you to pass through that part of the wall, use that upgrade that way you can attack and destry the first wave of Mordor attackers, the second and third wave of Mordor attackers will greatly damage your wall so make sure you upgrade your fortress and add stuff on the black circles on the ground around your fortress.
  • Complete Good Dol Guldur with all bonus objectives (Level 8) Unlocks Hero: Idrial

    1.Locate and capture the Northern Signal Fire

    2.Locate and capture the Southern Signal Fire

    3.Breach the fortress of Dol Guldur

    4.Destroy all free-standing Mordor structures within Dol Guldur

    5.Repel the Mordor counterattack

    6.Seize all Signal Fires

    7.Destroy all Spider Lairs

    This level is a pain to complete, you must destroy pretty much everything inside Dol Guldur, while inside you will have catapults throwing rock and such to you to try to stop you, the ony people that can stop them are the Ent Moots, before you go inside send the Ent Moots ahead because there are two catapults that will bombard you right away if you dont destroy them. Capturing the signals fires and all that is self-explanitory.
  • Complete Evil Lorien with all bonus objectives (Level 1) Unlocks Hero: Krashnak

    1.Build a Goblin Cave

    2.Build Two Goblin hordes from the Cave

    3.Build a Tunnel

    4.Build a Fissure

    5.Upgrade the Fissure to build Trolls

    6.Build a Cave Troll from the upgraded Fissure

    7.Cross the river and destroy the two Lothlorien Tree Houses

    8.Destroy the stronghold of Lothlorien, Caras Galadhon

    9.Free all 3 Giants

    This level is real simple, the hardest thing is Freeing the Giants. One is near the stronghold of Lothlorien the first one is easy to come up to and the other is in a field somwhere, in order to free them you must defeat all of the armies that are there.
  • Complete Evil Grey Havens with all bonus objectives (Level 2)

    1.Capture the shipwright

    2.Construct three Corsair Black Ships

    3.Sink the Elven convoys fleeing the Grey Havens

    4.Destroy the Elven Battle Towers defending the beach

    5.Defend the transports

    6.Defeat the Elves defending the beach

    7.Destroy the three fortresses

    8.Capture the Outpost

    This is another easy level, the Outpost in on the piece of land that you start out on, it's in the corner use the Corsair Black Ships to Destroy the Battle Towers defending the beach and the third fortress you have to destroy using Bombardment ships, I suggest you build two then have them and your Corsair Black Ships go over, destroy the Elven ships then attack the last Fortress.
  • Complete Evil Shire with all bonus objectives (Level 3)

    1.Reach the Eastfarthing

    2.Build a Fortress

    3.Destroy all 4 Seats of Power

    4.Defeat all Dundain

    5.Kill Wormtongue

    6.Destroy the Isengard Fortress

    7.Destroy the Green Dragon Inn

    8.Destroy Bag End

    This level is real simple if done correctly, once you reach the Eastfarthing you should have 3 of 4 of the seats of power destroyed, once you build your fortress STAY THERE, the rest of the Dundain come to you. Build a bunch of Lumber Mills near trees so you can get alot of money (I suggest about 4 or 5). Build Goblin Tunnels and a Fissure and upgrade them both to level 3 then when you get the money upgrade your fortress all the way also and build stuff on the black circles around the fortress, I suggest arrow dens as they also gain from the fire arrow upgrade and do alot of damage. once you have all that done and it says you have destroyed all Dundain then send 1 SMALL group over to the remaining seat of power, because once you destroy it thats when Wormtongue comes and will crush your base. There is also 1 or 2 catapults near the remaining seat of power (the last one should be up in the corner of the map) once you have destroyed it send the small group back to your fortress and ward off the enemies that come, once they stop go to where he is and destroy his builders and a bunch of his building, in the process you'll need to build more goblin warriors and Mountain Giants. Eventually you'll destroy his fortress and him.
  • Complete Evil Fornost with all bonus objectives (Level 4) Unlocks Hero: Thrugg

    1.Destroy all defenses in the outer city

    2.Destroy castle's citadel

    3.Destroy the Earth Hammer

    4.Capture the Inn

    5.Capture the Signal Fire

    6.Use Untaimed Allegiance on both of the Spider Lairs

    This level can also get annoying at times, Untaimed Allegiance is a Power you have to buy, so buy that and don't attack the Spider Lairs and before you try to go into the place, send in some Mountain Giants to destroy the catapults, have them then break down the door while you send your army over the walls (the spiders have to wait till the Giants break the door down they cant do over the wall) and the rest is pretty easy from there.
  • Complete Evil Mirkwood with all bonus objectives (Level 5)

    1.Advance to the Old Forest Road in the North

    2.Find another way across the river

    3.Build and defend Towers in the designated spots before the Elves

    4.Find and destroy the Ent base

    5.Bring Shelob to tame the spiderlings

    6.Find and destroy the Elven bases

    This level is fairly easy to complete, just do what the objectives say and you'll be fine, not much to explain on this level.

  • Complete Evil Withered Heath with all bonus objectives (Level 6)

    1.Build a Fortress&;nbsp;

    2.Free all the drakes from the Dwarven bases

    3.Find the Dragon Lord

    4.Destroy all Dwarven Mine Shafts

    This is another easy level, to make sure you destroyed all the mine shafts just look where you havn't found one yet and you should find one, when you get to the Dragon Lord he's being attacked but once you reach him they all disappear.

  • Complete Evil Erebor with all bonus objectives (Level 7)

    1.Make room to build a base by destroying the buildings of Dale

    2.Build a fortress worthy of Sauron

    3.Kill King Dain

    4.Destroy The Throne of Erebor

    Yet again another simple, easy level. The hardest part would have to be destroying the buildings thats about the hardest thing on this level.
  • Complete Evil Rivendell with all bonus objectives (Level 8) Unlocks Hero: Olog

    1.Penetrate the perimeter of Rivendell

    2.Slay Arwen Evenstar

    3.Slay the Fellowship and Elrond, Lord of Rivendell

    4.Destroy the house of Elrond and surrounding fortresses

    5.The Dark Lord Sauron must not be vanquished

    This seems like it would be hard but it really isnt, the hardest objectives to do is to slay Arwen, The Fellowship, and Elrond and to destroy Elrond's house along with surrounding fortresses and even thats fairly easy.
  • Complete Good Campaign Unlocks Hero: Berethor

    To obtain this achievement simply complete all 8 levels of the Good Campaign.

  • Complete Evil Campaign Unlocks Hero: Tumna

    To obtain this achievement simply complete all 8 levels of the Evil Campaign.

  • Complete Good Campaign without a Hero dying Hero: Mektar

    Easiest way to get this achievement is by either leaving your heroes at the start of the level or once you progress further put up a wall somewhere where enemies cant get to them (if they're inside the lil place, they cant reach them even if they try) that way they can't die.

  • Complete Evil Campaign without a Hero dying Hero: Urulooke

    See "Servant of the Secret Fire".

  • Win 1 Versus game

    See "My Heroes are better than yours".

  • Win 1 King of the Hill game

    See "My Heroes are better than yours".

  • Win 1 Capture and Hold game

    See "My Heroes are better than yours".

  • Win 1 Resource Race game

    See "My Heroes are better than yours".

  • Win 1 Hero Vs Hero game

    See "My Heroes are better than yours".

  • Win 10 Versus games Unlocks Hero: Ohta

    See "My Heroes are better than yours".

  • Win 10 King of the Hill games Unlocks Hero: Fhaleen

    See "My Heroes are better than yours".

  • Win 10 Capture and Hold games Unlocks Hero: Avatan

    See "My Heroes are better than yours".

  • Win 10 Resource Race games Unlocks Hero: Celebrim


    See "My Heroes are better than yours".

  • Win 10 Hero Vs Hero games Unlocks Hero: Felek


    Quickest way to gain these achievements is by getting a friend to help you, Then have them quit out of the match, this still counts as a win for you as you are still in the game when he exits the match. This also gets you the achievements for winning once.

  • Win 1 Single Player Skirmish game


    The quickest way to get this is to put the computer's difficulty on easy (your opponents name is the difficulty) then build up an army and go destroy his base. (Make sure you destroy everything that way while your destroying the fortress you wont get attacked.)

  • Win a game against someone 20 places higher than you


    The best way to get this achievement is to get a friend that you know is 20 places higher then you (would be better if its your first time playing) that way when you get on the leaderboards you can beat him and acquire this achievement.

  • Lose 10 Multiplayer matches in a row


    You can get this easily either by letting your opponen beat you 10 times (while you do nothing) or have a friend help you by joining the match then, if in versus mode he demolishes his bulding.

  • Lose to someone ranked 20 places below you


    Best way to get this is by helping your friend get the achievement "The Hobbit and the Troll" because while your 20 places higher then them, they are 20 places below you which will get you this achievement.

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