- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 40 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 15-20+ Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: 21: En Garde! (30G), Resourceful (30G), Card Collector (30G), Dice and Slice (30G), The Menace (30G), Go Fetch! (15G), Knock Knock (40G), Third Time's a Charm (30G), All In (15G), Bombastic (15G), Once Upon a Time (30G), Ghost Story (15G), Gazoo, Gazaak! (15G), Bern, Baby, Bern (15G), Closure (15G), Dockworker (30G), Bridger (30G), Upside Downtowner (30G), Sharpshooter (30G), Catapult Slinger (30G), Master Puzzler (95G) 
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No, you can play everything on Easy. If you find yourself struggling during the fights, feel free to adjust the difficulty settings in the options menu.
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No glitched achievements for Xbox
For questions, comments or feedback, please visit the Achievements and Guide Discussion thread.

In the land of Random, the Queen and her black dice rule all and everyone in it. When a child turns 12, they roll the dice and the number it lands on will determine where the child is sent to live out their remaining days. Roll a 1 and you go to Onecroft, the lowest of the low and dirtiest of the dirt. Roll a 6 and you'll be sent to the dream town that is Sixtopia, where dreams come true and cake is always on the menu. Or at least, that's how the story goes. When Even's sister, Odd, turns 12, she rolls a 6 and soon becomes the Queen's new favorite child. With that comes quite a price though and Even, although small and naive, knows that Odd can never be happy with the Queen and will do everything she can to save her. She'll need to make her way through all 6 sections of Random, meeting a variety of characters and oddballs along the way. She'll need the help of some new found friends to secure passage, and power, as her and Dicey get tasked to save everyone between Onecroft and Fivetropolis. When she makes it to Sixtopia, it'll be up to the luck of the dice to decide whether or not she'll succeed. 

Note about in-game stats with Threedom and Sixtopia: When you complete Threedom, you will only be able to get 7/8 Cards. The last card is earned in Sixtopia when you meet back up with the Shadowman. The game registers this a little weird. When you complete the game and check the in-game stats on your save file, Threedom will still be showing as 7/8, but Sixtopia will be showing as 7/6. It'll still be full completion, just will be shown a little funky. 

Step 1: Play through the game while going for all of the missable achievements:
With 21 missable achievements, you'll need to make sure you don't miss a lot of things while playing through the game. If any of these are missed, you'll need to start a new playthrough to get them. Your main focuses will be breaking all of Pots (for The Menace (30G)) and looting all of the Dice Doors you come to so you get as many coins as possible. These will be used to purchase all of the cards Mannie Dex has to offer, but if you reach Fourburg and are still short, please see Card Collector (30G) for more information on grinding out the coins required. To make it a little easier, the breakdown of the missables and the locations are as follows (in the order they appear in the sections):
 Outside of these, you also want to keep an eye on the combat-related achievements: Bombastic (15G), Resourceful (30G), Dice and Slice (30G), All In (15G). You can do Bombastic (15G) and Resourceful (30G) together and early on in the game, but the latter two you'll need a good inventory of cards to get, so don't expect to work on those until you get closer to the end of the game. 

All of the other achievements outside of these will be story-related, so you don't have to worry too much about them. If you missed any of the achievements above, you'll need to start a new playthrough to get them. 

The order in which the achievements will unlock is listed below. Please note that the combat/card/pot-related achievements may unlock at different points for you, depending on when you actually go for them.
Despite the huge number of missable achievements, as long as you're focused on them, it shouldn't be too bad to get them all in a single playthrough. The ability to play on the easiest difficulty makes this completion much more manageable than it otherwise would be. Congratulations on the completion.
[XBA would like to thank 8BitsofVelvet for this Roadmap]

Lost in Random Achievement Guide

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There are 40 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete the Game.

    Story Related

    Just as the description says, you just need to complete the game to unlock this achievement. It will unlock as the credits start to roll. 
  • Win your first board game.

    Story Related

    When you reach the gate leading to Threedom, you'll be introduced to Board Games. In these, your dice roll will move a chess piece along a path (a roll of 1 moves it 1 spot, a roll of 2 moves it 2, etc). There will be Guards you need to attack to build up your cards before you can roll, of course, so your focus will need to be shooting the gems on them. When your chess piece has made it to the end, you'll win and this achievement will unlock. The Board Games from here on out will vary with different mechanics and they are all story related, so you don't have to worry about missing this one at all. 
  • Go unscathed for 5 minutes in battle.


    It's best to get this done at the very beginning of the game, before you even throw your first dice. You'll be in a sort of tutorial section with two enemies that will constantly respond until you actually throw the dice. The area you're in is round so put on your running shoes and just keep making a loop around the outer edge. Make sure the enemies stay behind you and are still tagging along every once in awhile. As soon as you hit 5 minutes, the achievement will unlock. 

    You can get this at any time in the game, but honestly the beginning is by far the easiest part. If you miss this achievement on your initial playthrough, it will also make going back to clean it up not too terrible. 
  • Complete a battle without using any weapon cards.


    This one isn't nearly as bad as it sounds due to the fact that you can still use your Hazard Cards. It's best to try and do this towards the beginning, though, since you won't be up against the powerful enemies just yet. There are 5 different Card types: Weapon, Damage, Defence, Cheat, and Hazard. For this achievement, you can use any that aren't a Weapon. It may take a few rounds to get a good dice roll so you can use the proper cards, but just keep pushing through the battle without equipping a single weapon card and when the enemies are all defeated, the achievement will unlock.

    If you find yourself struggling to get cards to actually kill the enemies, try equipping Triplet/Bombs and Lucky Draws. Bombs are by far one of the best Hazard cards in the game as the damage range and intensity of them is well worth spending a dice roll on. If you use Bombs, you can stack this achievement with Bombastic (15G)
  • Buy all the cards Mannie Dex has to offer.


    Mannie Dex will first be found in Two-Town and will appear throughout the game, all the way up to when you reach the Queen's Palace at the very end. He's very hard to miss and will be a large, talking wardrobe of sorts. When you first talk to him, you'll be given a Card Binder to keep your cards in. After that (and a short tutorial on how to use the Binder), you'll be able to start purchasing Cards from him. The Cards are purchased with coins that you collect from breaking pots, looting dice doors, and general rewards from combat. For this achievement, you'll need to buy Mannie out. Buying one of each Card won't work, you'll need to buy his entire stock. This will require a lot of coins. There are enough pots/doors in the game to cover you, but that means you'll need to search every nook and cranny for them and if you're short by the time you reach the Palace, you'll need to start a new game to get this. Luckily, you can grind them out. When you exit to the main menu and load back in, the Pots will reload back into the game (not always in the same place or the same amount, but close enough to it). For this reason, you can grind this out just about anywhere, but Fourburg will be your best shot by far. You may have noticed while playing through the game that there are a heck of a lot of Pots in this section, way more than any other section by far. Use this section to reload/recollect coins from Pots. You don't need to go crazy with it, 2 or 3 runs should be just fine. 

    When Mannie stops giving out card packs, then he'll have all the stock he can acquire and you can start working on buying him out. The last place you'll run into Mannie will be inside the Queen's Palace, at the bottom of the staircase. Please note, however, that when you enter the Palace, you'll hit a point of no return. Mannie will also be just outside of the Palace in a more open area. If you're still short, grind out the Pots before going into the Palace. The reloading is very unforgiving once you're inside. As soon as you've purchased the last available card, the achievement will unlock. 

    If you're checking your stats on the main menu after you've completed the game, you should have 73/66 Mannie Cards.
  • Defeat 3 of the Queen's minions using the same Dice Slice.


    Out of all of the combat-related achievements, I personally found this one to be the biggest pain to setup and execute. You can purchase Dice Slice from Mannie for 150 coins when he has it available (if you still have packs to open, this one will be found in the 'Damage' pack). You can have up to 3 on you (once you've purchased them all) and the more you have, the better chance you'll have to set this up. Make sure you also have a few Lucky Draws and Dice Wielder's Boons on you since the Dice Slice costs 3 Dice points and those two cards can only help. You can have 15 Cards on you at once so if you can do 3 Dice Slice, 3 Boons, and as many Lucky Draws that you can fit, you should be well setup for this. 

    When you can get this will depend on when the cards become available through Mannie, but you want to try and hold out for a fight that has a few of the smaller crawler minions. There's a fight in Sixtopia that has about 7-8 of these little guys, so that's the recommended spot (you'll know it when you come to it). If at any point you want to rearrange your deck, you'll need to be out of combat so just let the minions/guards kill you, rearrange, then go for it. 

    When you play Dice Slice, an electrified tether will be attached to you and Dicey. Any enemy that gets hit by the tether will take damage. Don't forget you can instruct Dicey to go anywhere you need by holding lt.pngand pressing rb.png over where he needs to go. You need the final hit on 3 enemies to be the same tether. It lasts about 30 seconds so you have some time. The minions have the least amount of health and can be taken down with 1-2 tethers. The bigger guys, well, don't. If you're using non-minions, rough the Guards up a bit before deploying the tether. When you've killed 3 enemies with 1 Dice Slice, the achievement will unlock. 
  • Shoot 50 pots.


    The Pots in the game look more like eggs and will have a little blue glowing light on them, making them a little bit easier to see. 

    There are scattered just about everywhere and there are well over 50 in the game. You'll mostly find them up above you on high ledges and tucked away in corners. If you're shooting every one you see, this will unlock as you make your way through Two-Town. There are over 50 pots in Fourburg alone so if you don't have this achievement by the time you reach that area, you'll definitely get it there. 

    Each pot will net you 5-10 Coins (depending on where you are in the game) and you'll be needing a lot more than 50 Pots for Card Collector (30G), so as long as you're going for that achievement, this one will come naturally. 
  • Open your first dice door.

    Missable (though really hard to actually miss).

    As you play through the game, you'll come across little glowing "doggy-door"s that have an image of a side of a dice on them.

    Interact with these doors and Dicey will make its way in and retrieve some goodies for you (50 Coins, to be exact). These will start to appear in Two-Town and can be found up to and through Sixtopia. If you don't want to go out of your way to find these, there's a super easy, incredibly hard to miss one in Fourburg. After your first interaction with the Fourman, you'll regain control right next to a Dice Door. Interact with your first one and the achievement will unlock.  
  • Go home and knock.


    This will be the first missable achievement in the game. After the opening sequence of Odd's birthday, Even will set out on an adventure to rescue her. You'll lower yourself down a bucket during a cutscene and when you regain control, follow the path in Onecroft until you reach the 3 other kids (this will be before you pass by Gretta Bogpot and jump down your first ledge). Behind the kids is a tunnel. Go inside and follow the path all the way back to the front door of Even's house. Interact with the door and the Narrator will basically tell you not to. Keep interacting with the door until he gives in and you "knock" on the door. When he says you did, the achievement will unlock.  

  • Try to open the gate to Threedom prematurely.


    When you reach the gate to Threedom (in Two-Town Square), you'll go through your first Board Game (Checkmate (30G)), but more importantly, you'll learn that Dicey is missing a few Pips. He can only roll a 1 or a 2 until you upgrade him and the door to Threedom requires a 3, so you won't be able to open it right away. Try anyways, just for giggles. Stand on the center button and give Dicey a roll with button-a.png. Repeat this 3 more times (for a total of 4 rolls) and the achievement will unlock. 
  • All In



    Play 8 cards in the same round.


    This one will require some setup and even more luck before you can get it. Luckily, though, unlike the other combat-related achievements, this one doesn't require/recommend a specific enemy/location. It can be done almost anywhere (can't be done in Board Games) so long as you have the Cards you need. With that being said, though, the longer you wait to do it, the easier it'll be. If you can hold off until you can roll at least a 4, you'll have a much easier time than if you're rolling a high 2. Of course, being able to roll a 6 is the most ideal.

    The recommended layout is as follows:
    • Game Master x3
    • Lucky Draw x3
    • Dice Wielder's Boon x3
    • Ooma's Embrace x2-3
    Outside of those, just choose any card that only costs 1 Dice point (King's Hand, Bow of One, etc). While you're in combat, you may notice that you can only draw 5 Cards at a time and if you use them all up, you don't get to redraw. That's where the Game Master Cards come in. When you play a Game Master Card outside of a Board Game, you'll throw the Card away and draw another to replace it. You'll need to play 3 Game Master Cards, then use the other 5 to complete the 8 and get this achievement. 

    This does require a little bit of luck. You want to keep maxing out/rolling your dice until you get a hand with at least 2 of the Game Master Cards (though 3 is definitely recommended). If you only have 2, you'll need to hope the 3rd appears as a replenishment card for either of them. If it doesn't, you'll need to try again. Once you have the 3 Game Master cards, use them and then buy/use all the remaining cards in your hand. That'll make a total of 8 and the achievement will unlock. 
  • Defeat 3 of the Queen's minions using one bomb.


    The Minions include the Guards and the smaller droid-like enemies. For this achievement, you need to defeat a combo of any 3 of those with one bomb. The smaller droid enemies will be killed instantly, but if you're trying to take out a guard as well, you'll need to get their health down to about 1/3 before the Bomb will actually kill them. Once you're ready, set the Bomb close to all 3, shoot it, and when it explodes (and if it kills all 3), the achievement will unlock.

    If you're not working on a card-related achievement, you should definitely always have at least 1-2 Bombs on you at all times as they do a decent amount of damage and don't cost that much. You can get this achievement just about anywhere, but if you find yourself in a fight with at least 3 smaller enemies (whether they're crawling or flying), try for it there. There's a fight in Sixtopia that has about 7-8 smaller enemies at once so if you don't have it by the time you reach that area, that'll be your best bet (you'll know the fight when you get it to it). 

    You can stack this with Resourceful (30G) since the Bomb card is a Hazard and that achievement requires you to use anything but Weapon cards. 
  • Collect all of the lost storybook pages.


    There are a total of 10 Storybook Pages you need to collect. The first one, while it is technically missable, is in the middle of the main path you need to take to progress the story, so it's really hard to miss. The other 9 will all be off the beaten path. All of these will be associated with a puzzle achievement except for the Onecroft page 2, the one in Fivetropolis, and all three in Sixtopia. You must get all in one go for the achievement to unlock. If you miss any, you'll need to start a new game to get them. Their locations are as follows: 

    Storybook Page 1: Onecroft: While all of the pages are technically missable, this first one is incredibly hard to miss. When you reach the Harbor, you'll talk with Snake Eye and then have to progress through an area with some red security lights. You can try to run through the lower section, but just by Snake Eye is a ladder that will take you up on a higher path where you'll have to make your way through a beam puzzle (solving it will get you Dockworker (30G)). After the first few beams, you'll come to a small platform with the Storybook Page right in the middle. Again, it's really hard to miss. 

    Storybook Page 2: Onecroft: Shortly after the previous Storybook Page, you'll cross a few more beams before eventually coming to a ledge you can jump down. Before jumping down, look ahead of you and you should see a green target. Shooting this will lower/raise a container on the left so before you proceed, make sure the container is raised. To the right of the green target button is a red security light moving back and forth. Jump down the ledges and sneak past the red security light (do not go under the container yet). On the other side, you'll come to a ladder that you can climb up. Do so and follow the path to the end to reach the Storybook Page. 

    Storybook Page 3: Two-Town: After you get the key to unlock the gate in Two-Town (the gate that leads to Two-Way Square and Seller Street), head back to the gate, but turn right just before you reach it (it'll be a path going up hill). Make your way up the path and at the top will be two buttons. Stand on one and have Dicey stand on the other (instruct him to go to it by holding lt.pngand pressing rb.png over the button). Shoot the glowing green target that appears and half of a bridge will extend. Now switch places with Dicey and a second target will appear. Shoot it to extend the second half of the bridge (Bridger (30G) will unlock here). Cross over and collect the Storybook Page. 

    Storybook Page 4: Two-Town: Upside Downtown: After speaking with Royam for the first time, he'll instruct you to go and find some "inspiration". Take the rightmost path in the area with Rayom. When it splits 3 way, take the rightmost path again. When it splits two-way, take the left path. You'll go down a little and come to an area where there will be a quest-related poster that Dicey will stand next to, put yourself opposite of the poster to find a green target. Shoot the target (Upside Downtowner (30G) will unlock here), then head back up the path. When it splits, take the left path and you'll see the Storybook Page just on the right. It will be just next to Bill Welding.

    Storybook Page 5: Threedom: As you make your way through Threedom, you'll eventually traverse through the Trenches (they'll open up when the Baroness has won the roll). About midway through these, as you make your way from the Duke's Domain to the Baroness, you'll come to a button on the ground and 5 targets on the wall to shoot. You need to stand on the button and quickly shoot all 5 targets. When done correctly, the gate just to the right of the targets will open (Sharpshooter (30G) will unlock here) and you'll be able to get the Storybook Page. 

    Storybook Page 6: Fourburg: This one starts at the Colonel in No Quarter Square. There are 4 green targets that you need to hit as quickly as you can, but they won't be all in the same spot this time. The first one is just to the right of the Colonel, then head under the archway and look immediately right to see one up above you (above the storyteller), then take the first right (next to Mannie) and the 3rd will be just in front of you, then the last one will be just opposite of it. Hit all 4 in the time required (Catapult Slinger (30G) will unlock) and the cage holding the Storybook Page will open. 

    Storybook Page 7: Fivetropolis: When you reach Card Maker Road, you'll need to continue to follow the Visionary's voice and then eventually reach a room where a few waves of enemies will spawn (Visionary's Shrine). After they've been defeated, a door on the lower level will open (it'll be sort of a 3-walled ramp). Before you take this, go opposite of this doorway to find a hole in the wall. Follow the narrow path all the way up to get the Page. 

    Storybook Page 8: Sixtopia: After you speak with the Janitor at the entrance of Sixtopia, you'll shortly after come to Mannie in a "forest"-like area. Take the path up from him and defeat the enemies. When you take the lower path afterwards, keep an eye out for a pathway on the right. Defeat all the enemies in this area and a new pathway will open. The correct way forward is across the bridge and down a hill, but don't cross the bridge yet. Instead, go up the hill just before it and at the end of the path will be the Storybook Page. 

    Storybook Page 9: Sixtopia: When you reach the Royal Gardens, you'll meet Mannie again. Just after him will be a pathway leading up a hill on the left (it's a little hidden). This path will take you across some pipes and eventually lead to where the Storybook Page is. 

    Storybook Page 10: Sixtopia: After you rescue Seemore, don't go forward just yet. Instead, go up the hill to the left of where he is/was and cross over the bridge. Go down a small hill to find the Storybook Page next to a gate.

  • Help the lost girl in Threedom.


    The Lost Girl is a side quest you'll need to complete in Threedom. You'll first meet her as you make your way from the Count to Duke's Domain (she'll be marked with a green "?"). From here, you'll need to talk with her three more times.

    Encounter #2: When you get the Mechanical Arm from the Baroness, head down the hill from her and you'll need to defeat some enemies in a small arena (again). When they're out of the way, a pathway next to Mannie will open up (this will also lead you towards the Murder Weapon). The Lost Girl will be just before a pipe that you need to climb up and over with some ramps.

    Encounter #3: Back at the Sword Bridges (the entrance to the siblings "territories"), go left of Teatime, You'll pass by Mr. Mono (another Sidequest if you haven't done it already) and meet with the Shadowman again (if you haven't already). On the left, just next to a glowing purple wine-glass sign is the Lost Girl. 

    Encounter #4: After talking with the Lost Girl all 3 times, head back to Sword Bridges. She'll be standing just at the entrance of the bridge (she may not have a green "?" on her this time, so just be aware that she's there). Speak with her to finish the quest and unlock the achievement.
  • Win a game of Gazoo, Gazaak!


    You'll play Gazoo, Gazaak in Fourburg. The players are just outside the entrance of the Soothersayer Tents. If you don't have the green "?" to talk to them right away, progress through the story past when you meet the Soothsayer for the first time. You should be able to do the quest after that.

    To win against them, you need to bet everything you have, otherwise they'll just cheat and win. The dialogue options you need to choose are the following:
    • Sure, sound like fun!
    • Choose anything. 
    • Choose anything.
    • Ok! I'll roll your dice...
    • Is that... good?
    • All in. Everything. (This is the dialogue option that triggers the achievement)
    You'll win the game and this achievement will unlock. 
  • Help Bernie find his way over Talkie Walkie.


    This is a sidequest that you will do in Fivetropolis. On 3 separate occassions, you'll need to speak to Bernie through some pipes. There are more than 3 pipes in the area, so just keep an eye out for the green "?" when you're close by to one. You'll also hear Bernie slightly screaming for help if you get close enough. Bless his heart. Additionally, they will also be marked on the map. 

    The only dialogue options that really matter for this are on during your first interaction with him. You want to steer him in the safest direction based on what he's telling you. These are the dialogue options to chose:
    • Interaction #1 (before you meet the Gluer):
    • Uh… right, to sunshine?
    • Let’s go forward to the clanking.
    • Sabotage the robots, kid.
    • Go forwards, Bernie!
    • I'm losing you
    • This is a bad idea
    Interaction #2 & #3: You can choose anything during these. Even if you're a negative Nancy, he'll just take it as reverse-psychology and continue about his adventure. After the 3rd time talking to him, this achievement will unlock.
  • Find and defeat the Shadowman once and for all.


    You'll first encounter the Shadowman in Threedom. You can find him in Mullgrow Alley after you complete a small quest to "sniff out all the lights". You'll encounter him a few more times before he'll eventually "disappear" at the end of your time in Threedom. Progress your way through Fourburg and Fivetropolis. When you reach Sixtopia, progress through the area until you eventually reach an area with a bunch of jail cells (this will be just after you rescue Seemore). The cell you're looking for holds the Narrator and will be marked with a yellow "!". Just before this cell (just down the hill from it), will be a cell just next to a small cliff side. The Shadowman is in this cell. 

    Talk with him and choose any dialogue up to the point where Even can say "I pity you". She must choose this option to trigger the achievement. If you don't choose it, the dialogue will play out and the achievement won't unlock. If this happens, immediately exit back to the main menu and load the game back up. You'll get another chance to do it right. When you choose the "I pity you" option, an alternative dialogue sequence will happen and when the Shadowman is done being mopey, the achievement will unlock. 

  • Finish the introduction.

    Story Related

    This achievement will unlock after Odd has blown out the candles and rolled the dice for the Queen. 
  • Stow away on the boat.

    Story Related

    This will unlock after Even falls asleep on the ship. 
  • Get your own personal dice.

    Story Related

    This will unlock when Even meets Dicey for the first time. 
  • Return to Random.

    Story Related

    This will unlock when Even and Dicey get pulled into the vacuum-like device. 
  • Sneak aboard the spider gondola.

    Story Related

    This will unlock after Kneeshka's remembered the night the king was remembered and the war in Threedom stops. 
  • Meet the Witch of the Valley.

    Story Related

    This will unlock after you've met Ooma in Fourburg and retrieved more pips for Dicey. 
  • Receive your dream card.

    Story Related

    This will unlock after you've completed the dream sequence at the end of your time in Fivetropolis. 
  • Fight the Nanny.

    Story Related

    This will unlock after you've defeated Nanny Fortuna the first time after completing Threedom.
  • Solve the puzzle in Onecroft.


    This puzzle is associated with 1st Storybook Page. For that reason, please see Once Upon a Time (30G) for its location and how to solve it. 
  • Solve the tower puzzle in Two-Town.


    This puzzle is assocaited with the 2nd Storybook Page. For that reason, please see Once Upon a Time (30G) for its location and how to solve it. 
  • Solve the puzzle in the Upside Downtown.


    This puzzle is associated with the 3rd Storybook Page. For that reason, please see Once Upon a Time (30G) for its location and how to solve it. 
  • Solve the puzzle in Threedom.


    This puzzle is associated with the 4th Storybook Page. For that reason, please see Once Upon a Time (30G) for its location and how to solve it. 
  • Solve the puzzle in Fourburg.


    This puzzle is associated with the 5th Storybook Page. For that reason, please see Once Upon a Time (30G) for its location and how to solve it. 
  • Solved the puzzle in Fivetropolis.


    In Fivetropolis, you'll come to a story-related button puzzle that you'll need to complete before you can progress forward. There are 7 buttons: 3 on the left, 3 on the right, and 1 at the "top". The goal is to step on all 7 buttons before they start to light back up. 

    Stand on the single button "on top". Call Dicey to either your left or right (lt.png+rb.png). When you are ready, place a marker for Dicey at the end of whichever side he's on so he runs over all 3 buttons. You'll run along the otherside with him (don't forget to sprint). You'll need to be quick, but if you've done it in time, the achievement will unlock. 
  • Solve all of the puzzles.


    There are six puzzles that you need to solve for this achievement: 1 in Onecroft, 2 in Two-Town, 1 in Threedom, 1 in Fourburg, and 1 in Fivetropolis. The first five are all associated with a Storybook Page, so please see Once Upon a Time (30G) for their locations and how to solve them. The only one not associated with a Storybook Page is the puzzle in Fivetropolis, but it is story-related and can't be missed. Please see Tinkerer (30G) for more information about that puzzle. 

    These must all be done in one go. If you miss one, you'll need to start a new playthrough to get this achievement. 

Secret achievements

  • Unite the two sides of the Mayor.

    Story Related

    This will unlock when you've defeated Royam in Upside Downtown.  
  • Find all of the clues to spark Neeshka's memory.

    Story Related. 

    This will unlock when you've collected each "artifact" from the triplets and the murder weapon that killed their Father (all within Threedom).. 
  • Reunite with Dicey.

    Story Related

    This will unlock after you've met Ooma in Fourburg and retrieved more pips for Dicey. 
  • Get a pep talk from Death.

    Story Related

    This will unlock after your short interaction with Odd, after you hop in Death's boat. 
  • Served



    Defeat Royam in Rhyme Battle.

    Story Related.

    You will go up against Royam in Upside Downtown after you collect the Posters for inspiration. To "defeat" him, you just need to make sure you pick the words that rhyme with the poem he's creating about the Second Moon. The words you need to choose are: Miss, Sleeping Eyes, Croon, Spiritual Bouquet. Exhaust the dialogue afterwards and the achievement will unlock. 
  • Defeat the Bag Brothers.

    Story Related

    This will unlock when you've defeated Ludo and Bruno in Fourburg. It'll be after you defeat the High Roller. 
  • Defeat the Nanny.

    Story Related.

    This will unlock when you defeat Nanny Fortuna in the Palace in Sixtopia.
  • Save your sister.

    Story Related

    This achievement will unlock towards the end of the game, just before you go up against the Queen. 

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