-Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10
-Offline: 36/36 (1,000/1,000)
-Online: 0/36 (0/1,000)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 85-100 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: 1 ("Spell Collector")
-Glitched achievements: None!
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
-Downloadable Content? Yes
  • Seeker of the Deep
    • Estimated difficulty: 5/10
    • Approximate amount of time to 125Under 3 Hours
    • Glitchy Achievements? None!

The game itself is one of the best games on the Xbox 360, not just one of the best RPGs. However, like most RPGs the achievements take a long time to get and the "Treasure Trove" achievement will drive you insane if you don't follow the guide religiously.

Welcome to Lost Odyssey. This game has a total of 36 achievements and requires only one playthrough to get 1000. Of the achievements, four are unlocked simply by playing through the story. The rest will require you do collect items and perform certain tasks.

There are only two things that are missable in this game and if you do miss them you will not get the "Spell Collector " achievement. The following is verbatim from the spell location guide:

"Shieldus and Barricadus - Purchased from either Damiroh's Grab Bag (Experimental Staff) or Kessle's Tool Shop (Gohtza - Middle Town). ***Attention: These two spells must be purchased at one of these two points, when you arrive there, or they will be lost forever and you will NOT get the spells achievement.**"

Many people think "Treasure Trove" is a missable achievement, but it is not. If an area can no longer be accessed, its items will be in the auction house. Otherwise, you will need to return to an earlier location to find what you are missing. Follow the Treasure Trove guide linked below to save yourself about 30 hours of extra work, as that is what a "Treasure Trove" run will take.

Finally, there are many walkthroughs for this game. Two of the best are written by INVAL1D posted HERE, and a video guide by Split Infinity: Disc 1, Disc 2, Disc 3 and Disc 4.

Step #1: Prepare
One of the best and easiest ways to avoid frustration and rage at this game is to prepare. The following, in addition to the walkthroughs above, are important links that you will want to utilize at least one point during your playthrough:

Step #2: Play the Game:
The easiest way to stay on track and still enjoy this game is to follow one of the two walkthroughs linked above. If you don't want to use a walkthrough at least use the Treasure Trove guide to keep track of what you have gotten and what still remains. If you don't keep track you may end up like the countless souls who have posted in this thread. Last, make sure you don't save after you beat the final boss in case you need to work on any other achievements.

Once you get to Disc 4, take the time to look at all the optional boss achievements. See the leveling guide to power up and then take down all the bosses. Remember to do the Backyard challenges just before the end of the game, spend time linking all your skills and equipping all accessories to get the "skill master" achievements. All you should have left to do is taking out the final boss and finish the game for good.

If you are missing achievements at this point you can load up an old save and go back and get them. That is unless you still ended up missing the two spells mentioned above. If you did miss those or can't find what you are missing for "Treasure Trove," you will need to start a new game, though you can use a New Game + to start all your immortals at level 50. No items, skills or spells will carry over though. Good luck!

Seeker of the Deep DLC:

Seeker of the Deep is a short; but challenging DLC addition for Lost Odyssey. It is available for download for $1.00 (originally it was $4.99). The DLC consists of 26 floors you must traverse to meet and beat one of the harder bosses in the game. The 25 previous floors are very straight forward and not at all difficult to navigate. There is random loot available on most levels as well as 'prizes' for completing every 5th level.
What makes the dungeon challenging is there are no save points. Should you return to the top from (as an example) Level 10, you can't return to that specific level; you'd have to start at level 1 all over again. And of course, should you die, you must start over from your last save outside the dungeon.

**Please note that none of the rings, accessories or chests have any bearing on the main campaign achievements.**

This dungeon is very tough, it is highly recommended that you be at least level 80+ to tackle this challenge. You can level your characters here if you wish as there are Kelolons that yield decent SP in the area; although the Numara Atoll and the Temple of Enlightenment are generally known as the best places to grind levels. Level 99 isn't necessary, but if you want to make things easier on yourself, by all means. 

On the world map the Underground Research Division is located: HERE

The dungeon is available to access on Disc 4; once you have the 'White Boa' to explore the oceans. Upon arrival you will meet Cartographer Mardohl who will offer you treasure for every 5th level you reach (there are also no monsters on every 5th level). You can only return to the main level via the elevator that leaves from every fifth level as well. The treasures received are as follows:

  • Level 5: 3x Ambrosia
  • Level 10: 5 Godly Dragon Tears
  • Level 15: 5 Slot Seeds
  • Level 20: Mana Protector
  • Level 25: 10 Slot Seeds
  • Once you defeat the boss on Level 26: 5 Full Heals

It is recommended that you travel all the way down to level 25 and then return to the top, speak with Mardohl and receive your prizes, exit the dungeon and save (Remember there are no save points in this dungeon).
Here's a link to the wiki for additional drop and enemy info: Seeker of the Deep

Once you've collected all the goodies you want and have made your preparations to make a boss run; just do a speed run through the dungeon as best you can. Run from battles if necessary utilizing the 'Turn Tail' skill as you see fit; but the goal here is to make it down to the bottom floor to face Killalon. Upon reaching the boss, there are numerous strategies that can be applied, but they must be followed very closely. Mistakes are punished severely. Once Killalon is in a heap the final achievement will unlock and the DLC is complete!
Here is an excellent strategy if you are leveled and prepared: Professor K Boss Strategy 

This is a very straight forward set of achievements and can be easily done if you are adequately prepared. With a few hours of time and a good strategy in hand you can finish this DLC and net your 100.

[x360a would like to thank MethodThe Pants Party, & Xenolith666 for this Road Map]

Lost Odyssey Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 42 achievements with a total of 1100 points

  • Complete Disc 1.

    Story Related. Just Complete the first disc of the game.
    Here is a walkthrough for Disc 1 if you get stuck at any point:

  • Complete Disc 2.

    Story Related. Just Complete the second disc of the game.
    Here is a walkthrough for Disc 2 if you get stuck at any point:

  • Complete Disc 3.

    Story Related. Just Complete the third disc of the game.
    Here is a walkthrough for Disc 3 if you get stuck at any point:

  • The End



    Complete Disc 4.

    Story Related. Just Complete the fourth and final disc of the game.
    Here is a walkthrough for Disc 4 if you get stuck at any point:

  • Make an immortal learn a skill from a mortal using Skill Link.

    When you get Jansen at the beginning of the game, you can Skill Link with him and when one of your immortals learns their first skill from him, you'll unlock this. To learn a skill, simply earn SP toward that skill while it is linked. You gain SP by defeating enemies. You can use Skill Link from the in-game menu and the in-game tutorial will explain to you how to do it.
  • Master all of Kaim's skills.

    For this one you need to get all of your mortals to level 52 (49 for Tolten) to get all of their skills and then have your immortals learn all the skills from them using Skill Link. You also need to learn all the skills from the accessories. There are 165 skills in the game to learn. You must also collect all 99 seeds in the game to get an accessory from the pipot. For a list of all 99 seeds, click here. For a list of all the skills and where you get them, click here.

    Also, in this thread is a list of miscellaneous sidequests and such that will help you getting all the skills.
  • Unlock the first episode from A Thousand Years of Dreams.

    Story related. After you sleep in the inn at the beginning of the game, watch the dream and this will unlock.

  • View all the episodes from A Thousand Years of Dreams.

    There are 31 dreams in total. Most will trigger automatically, but some you might have to seek out. For a detailed list, see this thread.
  • Obtain all Treasure Box items in the field. The items you missed may be available at auction houses.

    Use THIS WALKTHROUGH to find every item needed for this achievement. I followed it personally and got the achievement. Make sure you mark off the list whenever you collect s Here is everything you need:

    • Search: pots, chests, posters, shiny objects, etc.
    • Ram: Trees, pillars, machines, etc.
    • Complete: Treasure Hunts
    • Find: 8/9 Golden Seals, Invisible Chests

    The following places can be skipped entirely as the items will later show up in the auction house. Be sure to purchase every item in the auction house and mark off your guide to make sure.

    Disc 1

    • Highlands of wohl
    • Sea Of Baus

    Disc 2

    • Experimental Staff

    Disc 3

    • Khent
    • some areas from and near Ghotza
    • Aurora-Bound Train
    • Uhra Sewers

    Disc 4

    • Outside Numara, Sea Battle
    • Grand Staff Part 1 and 2
  • Achieve Perfect three consecutive times in battle.

    Just get a Perfect three times in one battle on the ring battle system. Easy to do, you'll get the timing down after a bit of practice with it. If you're having a lot of trouble getting lots of perfects, making the Ultra rings because the size of the area you have to hit gets bigger. I was getting Perfects probably about 60-70% of the time before and with those rings I get it almost 100% of the time.

    Note: You do not have to win the battle to receive the achievement. If you get 3 in a row sometime during the fight and die, the achievement will unlock after you select retry from the game over screen.
  • Achieve Perfect a total of 500 times in battle.

    This should come over the course of the game. See above achievement for tips to get perfects. I got this at the Beginning of the third disc for myself.

  • Inflict a total of more than 1,000,000 damage points.

    This should come over the course of the game. Just inflict 1 Million points of damage to enemies in battle. Getting a lot of Perfects will help you get this faster.

  • Defeat 1000 enemies in battle.

    This should come over the course of the game. You need to defeat 1000 enemies and if you haven't done this by the point where you can go back to the other areas, just find somewhere easy to grind out the remaining ones.

  • Visit all the fields in the world.

    To get this achievement, you must travel to every area on the world map. Every time a new area is unlocked, the spots you can go to will glow and show up as white dots on the map. If you have trouble getting to one, just trying flying there with the upgraded nautilis or going underwater to get there.

  • Meet the secret requirement of the Backyard Light Class battle set and win.

    The backyard is located in Gohtza on disc 4. It's in the abandoned apartment and you just select Backyard from the menu after you operate the elevator.

    You have to score all 3 stars per battle set. Here are the requirements:

    1. You have to see the Kelolon Combination Attack three times.
    2. Simply defeat all of them.
    3. A total of 10 bugs should be absorbed by the bigger bugs.
    4. Defeat 5 dogs.
    5. Defeat the Puppet Masters within 6+ turns, without killing the puppets.

Secret achievements

  • Seth mastered all skills.

    See "Skill Master Kaim" for more information.

  • Ming mastered all skills.

    See "Skill Master Kaim" for more information.

  • Sarah mastered all skills.

    See "Skill Master Kaim" for more information.

  • Jansen mastered all available skills.

    For the mortals, you simply need to get to level 52 and all their abilities will unlock through leveling up. They can not learn skills from other allies or accessories, so these will unlock once you get to level 52 with everyone.

    Note: Tolten only has to get to level 49.

  • Cooke mastered all available skills.

    See "Skill Master Jansen" for more information.

  • Mack mastered all available skills.

    See "Skill Master Jansen" for more information.

  • Tolten mastered all available skills.

    See "Skill Master Jansen" for more information.

  • Sed mastered all available skills.

    See "Skill Master Jansen" for more information.

  • All spells have been obtained.

    You need to collect all the spells in the game. They can be found in chests or pots and such, bought in the stores, or learned when your mortals level up. They are also sometimes rewarded for doing minigames.

    For a list of the spells click here.

    WARNING: There are two missable spells during the game. They are the only two missable items in the game, so please take note of them. Shieldus and Barricadus.

  • You defeated Cave Worm at the Forgotten Cave..

    The Cave Worm can be found on disc 4, once you've acquired the White Boa. You need to head north of the world map, near the Gohtzan continent. Ram the ice covering the small opening along the lining of the continent to enter the cave.

    Boss tips:
    Suggested average level is 50+, with lots of skill slots for anti-ailment skills.

    The Cave Worm causes status ailments, so equip as much of the anti-ailment skills as possible. Equip Bio Rings on Kaim and Seth and keep on casting supportive magic (Powerus or Healing) with Sarah and Ming. The monster casts Complete Defense which nullifies ALL attacks and magic, so you have to wait this out and heal up until the effect wears off. Keep it up and it shouldn't be too hard. If you have Forceus at this point for any of your mages, use it.
  • You defeated Persona at the Old Sorceress' Mansion.

    The Persona can be found on disc 4, once you've upgraded the Nautilus and gain access to Numara again. Head back to the Old Sorceress' Mansion, then head straight back to the old room located underground where you originally fought the possessed Sarah.

    Boss tips:
    Suggested average level is 45+.

    The Persona has two faces: the first looks like Medusa which is immune to magic but susceptible to melee attacks and the second is a Masked face which is the opposite of the first one (in this case, immune to melee attacks but susceptible to magic). You need to watch out for it as he changes "persona"-lities. Equip Anti-Petrify/Stone and Anti-Paralyze on everyone. Cast Powerus on Kaim and Seth using your mages Sarah and Ming so you won't have to rely on spells and it should go down easy.
  • You defeated Holy Beast at Numara Atoll.

    The Holy Beast can be found on disc 4, once you've acquired the White Boa. Go inside the Guest Area floor of the White Boa and head straight into the Queen's Room at the end of the floor. Talk to Ming who is standing there then press A on the Harp in front of her. You may need to visit Numara Atoll first, which is a small circular island on top of Numara to trigger a scene with Ming.

    Boss tips:
    Suggested average level is 45-50+

    This battle is straightforward. Just equip Anti-Sleep on everyone since the Holy Beast casts Sleep on everyone and performs a powerful spell at 9999 damage when it's HP is in critical level. Equip Earth rings on Kaim and Seth and cast Powerus on both, or simply cast Groundus spells with Sarah and Ming. When he casts Sleep on everyone, you have 3 turns to defeat him or he'll do the 9999 damage spell and kill, so take him out fast.
  • You defeated Blue Dragon at the Snowfields of the Northernmost Land.

    The Blue Dragon can be found on disc 4, once you've acquired the White Boa. Head to the upper-left (northwest) area of the map and to the right of that portion, there's an ice covering you need to ram using the White Boa. The Snowfields area is actually a puzzle, you need to go where the magic sparks are coming from, NOT where they're going to. Just do this a few times and you will encounter the Blue Dragon.

    Boss tips:
    Suggested average level is 45+.

    The Blue Dragon casts Death occasionally. The only thing you can do about it is revive your party member before the Blue Dragon goes down so the resurrected member can receive EXP and SP after the battle. Equip Bio rings on Kaim and Seth, cast Powerus on both of them using Sarah and Ming and/or Jansen. Heal from time to time. Bring his HP down as fast as possible since his ultimate spell, Leveler, does damage based on his HP, but he rarely uses it - in fact I didn't even see him use it. He isn't too hard as long as you keep at it.
  • You defeated King Kelolon at Kelolon Village

    Kelolon Village can be accessed once you've acquired the White Boa. Head to the upper part of the world map, the space between the Snowfields (Blue Dragon) and the Forgotten Cave (Worm Cave). There's an ice covering here you need to ram in order to enter a small inlet. Once inside the inlet, launch and use the Nautilus then dive. Proceed to the south of this inlet to enter an underwater passage. Resurface after going through this passage to enter Kelolon Village.

    Boss tips:
    Suggested level for Cooke: 45+, average for everybody: 45-50+

    You need to go through a few battles using Cooke. On the first set, you need to defeat a few low-level Kelolons. Just equip any Kelo ring on Cooke and do melee, Kelolons at this point shouldn't be too hard. If you need to heal, use items. The second set involves fighting Kelolon participants one by one so you have enough time healing and attacking. Again, just use melee, they shouldn't be too hard. The third match involves a human-type Kelolon so he isn't Kelolon property. Use Bruiser/Crusher rings or spells instead. When he's about to go down, he'll ask for help so you should take him down right away, otherwise another Kelolon will come and heal him. The last is a level 99 Kelolon, which as the name suggests isn't too hard as well. Equip the Kelo ring again for more damage.

    Save at this point before going on.

    The last battle is with King Kelolon and this time everybody joins you. Like Blue Dragon, it's important you bring down his HP as fast as possible since his ultimate spell, Divide (much like Leveler) does damage based on his current HP. Equip Kelo rings on Kaim and Seth, cast Powerus on both of them using Sarah and Ming and cast Covera on Kaim and Seth using Cooke. As long as you bring down his HP to a value less than your current HP, he shouldn't be too much of a problem.
  • You defeated the Ancient Spirit Magician Fu at the Temple of Enlightenment.

    The Ancient Spirit Magician Fu can be found on disc 4, once you've acquired the White Boa. Head to the lower right part of the world map, in the Eastern Tribe island. Just below of the Great Ancient Ruins area, there is an ice opening you need to ram with the White Boa. After that, use the Nautilus, submerge and proceed then resurface in front of the Temple of Enlightenment.

    Boss tips:
    Suggested average level is 65+

    The toughest boss so far and the fact that you have to go through the whole of Temple of Enlightenment to reach him can be a pain. Be safe, go for level 75+ since the monsters in the Temple gives you a lot of EXP and it shouldn't be too hard to level. I beat him at 90+ and he was easy. He will summon guardians from time to time which you have to take down since they shield Fu from damage. Once you're done with them, equip Fire rings on Kaim, Seth and Mack (it would be advisable to place Mack on the back row). As always, cast Powerus on them. Heal from time to time, if you have a lot of MP, be safe and cast heal on everybody (Zephyrus or Zephyra) every turn. As Mack, use Combo (on Powerus) all the time since this is the only way he can do a lot of damage. Use Covera or better, Coverus with your mages since Fu does a triple-hit attack which can be critically damaging depending on your level.
  • Deactivated all Royal Seals and defeated Golden Knight.

    The Golden Knight can be fought once all Royal Seals have been deactivated. A good time to do this is when you've acquired the White Boa since you need the ship to enter Kelolon Village.

    Location of the Royal Seals:
    1. Uhra back alley (path before the Uhra Castle Square)
    2. Gongora's Mansion (left side door, also entrance to the Secret Cave)
    3. Ice Canyon (up the slope, near the boss location)
    4. Crimson Forest (first map, near the center)
    5. Somewhere inside the Great Ancient Ruins
    6. Kelolon Village (right path)
    7. Black Cave (somewhere inside the dark cave with pit holes)
    8. Burning Limestone Cave (left hidden path of the chest in a poisoned area)
    9. Boss Location: Uhra Castle, top floor

    Boss tips:
    Suggest level for Tolten: 45+

    You need to fight him single-handedly with Tolten. Equip any damaging rings like Bruiser or Crusher on him. As for accessory ... anything that boosts your Defense. If you have Weapon Guard 2 (DLC skill), that would be good too. For the first few turns he won't attack, so make the most out of it. After a few turns, he will perform Ultimate Hit which you will learn after he inflicts it on you. Make sure you keep your HP up so you can endure Ultimate Hit's damage. Once you learn the skill and he asks you to show him what you've got, simply use Ultimate Hit on him and once it hits, the match is over.


  • Assembled a ring using Ring Assembly.

    You can assemble your first ring at the beginning of the game. Just get the whetstones out of one of the chests before you leave in the car and make a Bruiser Ring. The in-game tutorial gives a great explanation as to how to make rings.
  • Met the secret requirement of the Backyard Middle Class battle set and won.

    You have to score 3 stars per battle set.

    Here are the requirements for achieving 3 stars per set:

    1. Keep Kelolon Papa and Mama alive. Cast any Water spell on them to heal them.
    2. You must kill the Owl first.
    3. No one in your party should go down.
    4. Do not use items or magic, just melee attacks.
    5. Cast All-Flara/Flarus on the enemies.
  • Met the secret requirement of the Backyard Heavy Class battle set and won.

    You have to score 3 stars per battle set.

    Here are the requirements for achieving 3 stars per set:

    1. You have to defeat their boss. Keep one Raptor alive and continue to allow it to call for help until the boss Raptor appears. Kill it.
    2. Front row party members should stay alive.
    3. Defeat 15 dolls first.
    4. Defeat the Kelolon Brigade Leader first.
    5. Do not use any Skills. Melee or magic is allowed.
  • Met the secret requirement of the Backyard Super Heavy Class battle set and won.

    You have to score 3 stars per battle set.

    Here are the requirements for achieving 3 stars per set:

    1. Keep everyone alive. Equip Anti-Poison and Absorb Fire on everyone for added advantage.
    2. Kill the dog using Poison rings, as this is the only way to take him down. You should achieve Perfects with your hits or the skill master will do more damage. Equip Persistence on Kaim for added advantage. He can be tough, so save first since you might have to try again.
    3. Hit the Moneys with fire spells or Fire-based melee attacks (or All-Flare spells). They only do coin tosses if they're hit with fire based spells or attacks, and they do not do it all the time too. You have to acquire 10 favorable coin tosses within 10 turns, and you need to defeat them within that period too. Patience and luck is required.
    4. Cast Gamble on the Silver Kelolon.
  • Met the secret requirement of the Backyard last challenger and won.

    You need to defeat the Immortal in 29 turns or less.

    As this is the last battle which involves the strongest boss in the game, you may want to level up all the way to 99 for an easier battle. After you defeat him, leveling is pointless so you should use all levels you can earn for this battle.

    You should be done with all of the other optional bosses at this point, have Divide and most of the skills mentioned in the mini-guide below. I easily defeated him with 4 level 99 Immortals + level 80 Sed, with no Slot Seeds used for any of the Immortals so if you are near those stats, you can bring him down on your first try.


    • Take Kaim, Seth (front), Sarah, Ming and Sed (back)
    • Equip HP Up 1-4, Reduce Casting Time 1 and 2 and Double Cast (Jansen skill) on Sarah and Ming
    • Equip high leveled Wind rings on Kaim and Seth, HP Up 4 and Combo 3 skills (Mack skill)
    • Equip Double Item, Magic Defense 1 and 2, Ailments Resistance, Absorb Magic and Lucky 0 Damage for everyone
    • Buy lots of Heal Fulls (around 1k each) at Kelolon Village


    • Double cast Divide using Sarah, double cast All-Powerus and All-Generata using Ming
    • Once All-Powerus/Generata is cast, double cast Coverus on Kaim and Seth first thing on everyone
    • Spam Combo 3 skills with Kaim and Seth, this allows you to hit thrice and reduce the chances of the Immortal doing a counter spell (since he counters with every turn) - be ready though as Combo 3 skills take 2 turns
    • If you're low on HP, heal everyone using Double Item and Heal Full. Do not attack this turn so the Immortal won't counter with Shadowus
    • Prioritize Sarah's HP, keep it up since Divide hits all the time with damage based on the caster's current HP, so on Double Cast you can deal around 18k+ damage once in every turn (since Double Cast takes 2 turns)
    • He casts Divide from time to time, so like Blue Dragon and King Kelolon, it is imperative that you bring down his HP as fast as possible

    Immortal enemy skills

    • Cube: doesn't kill but drops everyone's HP to critical levels
    • Shadows: also counter spell, inflicts non-elemental magic damage
    • All Curse: also counter spell, curses everyone
    • Quivering Waves: reverses beneficial effects (turns ATK UP to ATK DOWN)
    • Melee attack: 8k+ damage
    • Divide: does damage based on his current HP

DLC: Seeker of the Deep

There are 6 achievements with a total of 100 points


Secret achievements

  • Reached Conference Area 10B in Professor K's Dungeon.

    See ''Reached Conference Area 25B''

  • Reached Conference Area 15B in Professor K's Dungeon.

    See ''Reached Conference Area 25B''

  • Reached Conference Area 20B in Professor K's Dungeon.

    See ''Reached Conference Area 25B''

  • Reached Conference Area 25B in Professor K's Dungeon.

    To receive these achievements, you must first purchase the DLC "Seeker of the Deep" for 400MSP. You will need a save file before the Tower of Mirrors and go underwater in the bay near Kelelon village to find an underwater dungeon. Simply keep descending inside to receive all these achievements.

  • Defeated Killalon in Professor K's Dungeon.

    After receiving all the above achievements for the DLC, you will descend one more floor and fight a very tough enemy. There is no save point down there, so if you fail you will need to run all the way back down (just turn-tail from every battle).

    Now, this guide will explain how to do this battle in a mere 3-4 turns. That may seem insane for such a tough boss, but it is by far the best way to deal with him. He heals for 20k+ after every single turn, so you need to deal heavy damage quickly or he will outlast you, as he also has very big attacks on top of his auto-healing.

    One thing I might suggest that the guide linked above does not, is to sacrifice one double-cast on each of your first two turns to put Reflect on all of your immortals. This will reflect away his Annihilation spell. You might also want the skill that absorbs physical damage on everyone, as this is what his other super-move deals out. Finally, you may want to try spending the turn after he casts Reflect using small spells like Flare to eat away his Reflect spell (it can only reflect 3 spells), this way you won't have to get lucky with your immortals triggering a 0-damage.

    When I succeeded in killing him, I got extremely lucky (and almost everyone I've seen do this has as well) and he used a Reflect spell when he already had Reflect on himself, so this not only wasted his turn, it also triggered his third reflection. On this attempt I was using all Reversas instead of trying to eat it away with Flares, so since he broke it himself, I got in a few extra Reversas and killed him off. The battle really is based on putting as much in your favor as possible, then just hoping you get lucky.

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