Extreme Conditions Achievement

  • Extreme Conditions



    Finished the Game on Hard Difficulty

    Start your first playthrough on Hard difficulty. Not only is it available right away, but the game is pretty easy and doesn’t show too much concern or issues. Sometimes Akrid will gang up and kill you, but you’ll get a feel for the game and be flying through it in no time. Plus the checkpoints/saves are pretty frequent so the game is forgiving, which helps on bosses.

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  • There is actually a glitch that still works on xbox one to get this easily. Here is how it works

    1 Successfully complete the game on normal or easy (doesn't matter which).
    2 Back at the main menu, In the options change the difficulty level on hard.
    3 Go to campaign and Load latest auto-save and finish the game.
    4 Start a new game on the hard difficulty level.

    5 After the first save (after the first cutscene right when your ship lands but before you have control of the character) exit the game to the menu.

    6 Go back to campaign and Load previous auto-save (the last save of the campaign) and finish the game.

    Achievement will unlock when credits roll. You can skip the final cutscene and credits every time, they are not required for achievement to unlock.

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