Master Planter Achievement

  • Master Planter



    Planted every Post

    There are 6 t-energy posts, some of which require upgrades/tools to access them. These can be emptied later on for t-energy (2,000-5,000) after placing them. You’ll also get an upgrade from Gale during the ‘Upgrade Time’ mission in ACT 1. This upgrade is a t-energy detector that helps locate planting spots. When you’re close to a t-energy pocket, you’ll hear beeping and when you’re really close a hollow white silhouette of the post will be shown on your screen.

    1. White Canyon Junction- Diaz Cavern (Farthest West)
    2. Bailey’s Crossing- North Plains Clearing (Farthest South)
    3. Bishop’s Wake- Shumate Bend (Farthest West) [Need Winch Upgrade]
    4. Shackleton’s Peak (Near Roman’s Pod, South In Cave) [Need Zip-Line Attachment]
    5. Pickett’s Folly (Farthest West) [Need Magnetic Grappling Hook]
    6. The Killing Fields (Farthest East) [Need Extended Winch Upgrade]

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  • i was wondering. every once in a while it will tell me to empty my posts, is this at scripted times or is it a continuous event.
  • Hey killer I believe it is a continuous event that you can do just for more credits kinda like when you own property in Assassin's Creed and you can go and collect it
  • There are 6 T-Posts. They are scattered across the following areas: Hanneman's Basin, Shackleton's Peak, Bishop's Wake, The Killing Fields, Pickett's Folly, Bailey's Crossing. You will have to plant the first post in Hanneman's Basin automatically during a main mission. After that you need to wait until later in the game (before going past the point of no return) to reach all the other posts.

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