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  • Big Spender



    Bought every Weapon and Rig Upgrade

    There are two shops and one rig upgrade shop. The first shop (Nevec) and rig upgrade shop are both located in Coronis (Basement Level). The second shop (Forgotten) is located in The Camp Of The Forgotten. Some weapons/items won’t be available right away and you’ll need to complete missions or you’ll need to buy prerequisite(s). The monetary/currency in this game is t-energy. You’ll earn around 2,000-3,000 for most missions, and enemies/Akrid drop a small amount of t-energy when killed. Specialized Components can be found throughout the game and can be used to purchase rig upgrades at Gale’s shop.

    Prices/Costs in parentheses; Nevec and Forgotten Shops both require t-energy, Gale’s shop requires Specialized Components.

    Nevec Shop:

    • Hunting knife (10)
    • Shotgun (1,500)
    • Assault Rifle (2,500)
    • Hunting Rifle (7,500)
    • Pistol- Large Caliber Barrel (1,250)
    • Assault Rifle- Extended Magazine (1,500)
    • Shotgun- Stock Upgrade (2,500)
    • Hunting Rifle- 8x Scope (5,000)
    • Disc Grenades (6,000)
    • Extra Grenade Belt Slot (5,000)
    • Extra Ammo Pack (5,000)
    • Total (37,760)

    There’s also Specialty Ammo for most weapons for purchase after completing the associated Dr. Kovac’s mission. This ammo costs 2 t-energy for each shot.

    Specialty Ammos: Shotgun- Bounce Shot, Assault Rifle- Incendiary Rounds, Hunting Rifle- Depleted Uranium, Valkyrie- Explosive Bolts, P.I.G- Stinger Rounds.

    Also you can buy Specialized Components for 2,000 each (these aren’t needed considering you’ll find more than enough throughout the game).

    Forgotten Shop:

    • P.I.G (Pneumatic Injector Gun) (8,000)
    • Grenade Launcher (10,000)
    • Valkyrie- Repeater Upgrade (4,000)
    • P.I.G- Stock Upgrade (5,000)
    • Grenade Launcher- Range Finder (6,000)
    • Extra Grenade Belt Slot (5,000)
    • Extra Ammo Pack (6,000)
    • Total (44,000)

    Specialty Ammos: Includes Nevec’s Ammos plus: Grenade Launcher- Biotox Rounds.

    Gale’s Shop:

    • T-ENG Absorber (5)
    • Hardened Hull +25% (2)
    • Hardened Hull +50% (3)
    • Hardened Hull +75% (4)
    • Hardened Hull +100% (5)
    • Winch (0)
    • Extended Winch (4)
    • Forearm Bash (2)
    • Double Arm Smash (3)
    • Total (28)

    There are two other rig upgrades available as DLC in the Marketplace. They’re included in all four packs (mentioned in the roadmap). Pressurized Claw and Tungsten Carbide Drill.

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  • You don't need to purchase the special ammo for this to unlock. I got the achievement without ever purchasing any.

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