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  • Geneticist



    Fully Unlocked Bestiary

    Roman gives you a mission to tag Akrid for research during the ‘Test The DNA Tagger’ in ACT 1. She gives you Specialty Ammo for your pistol (Hold X Button). Shoot an untagged Akrid and remain aiming at it until the circle fills up. You can see your progress of DNA tagged Akrid in your Bestiary (Back Button). Make sure you keep track of which Akrid you’ve tagged, especially Bosses; some will only have one opportunity to be tagged.

    1. Akrid Egg (Can’t miss, main mission based)
    2. Tarkaa (Abandoned Base, During ‘Find A Way Out’ Mission in ACT 1)
    3. Ermmlid (Camp Of The Forgotten, during the fight with Sieragz Boss)
    4. Sepia (Everywhere, can get right after getting mission from Roman, near her pod)
    5. Bolsepia (Pretty common, can also get right after Sepia, near Roman’s pod)
    6. Genessa (Pretty Common, they’re the red/orange things on the walls that spawn enemies)
    7. Wardeye Male (Security Installation)
    8. Wardeye Female (Power Plant)
    9. Enbee (Shackleton’s Peak, Pickett’s Folly)
    10. Goonroe (Bailey’s Crossing, Shackleton’s Peak)
    11. Suwankaa (Marshall’s Gorge, Schackleton’s Peak)
    12. Dongo (White Canyon Junction, Bailey’s Crossing and Bishop’s Wake)
    13. Vorgg (Boss, Marshall’s Gorge)
    14. Gorevorgg (Boss, Bailey’s Crossing, Only Available during the ‘Kill King Crab’ Mission)
    15. Sieragz (Boss, Camp Of The Forgotten)
    16. Tangaant (Boss, Pickett’s Folly, I would suggest tagging it in your first encounter, there’s a few more opportunities)
    17. Hiveen (Boss, Weather Station, if you missed tagging this Boss you can download it from a computer at the Power Plant. This is in the same room as Lagan Cherupara’s Memento; see "Gone, But Not Forgotten" achievement)

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  • So does anyone know whether or not you have to complete this bestiary before the point of no return? I'm missing one and I'm contemplating on if it's the final boss maybe? I swear I have tagged everything I came across, even the genessa Kari's producer on the walls.
  • Akrid producer**
  • I suggest finding another guide like the one on trueachievments as they give actual descriptions of the creatures and more options where to find them. For instance, both the Sieragz and the Ermmlid can be found later in the game back at the fuel depot. Your main mission will take you here toward the end and there will be the Sieragz waiting. Also the Ermmlid are the tiny flies that spawn out of the Sieragz. You need to tag a cluster before they dive down and hit you.

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