Gone, But Not Forgotten Achievement

  • Gone, But Not Forgotten



    Found all Mementos


    Soichi will eventually give you an Optional Mission to ‘Find Four Mementos.’ This is right before returning to Coronis and your old base. You’ll need the Magnetic Grappling Hook Upgrade, which is given to you by Mira once you return to the Camp Of the Forgotten after leaving the Security Installation. After collecting all four Mementos return them to Soichi and he’ll reward you with ‘Enhanced Vitality’ which increases your maximum life by 50%.

    1. Memento Of Colonel Mason Pickett (Pickett’s Folly, use winch to zip-line over and grapple up and you’ll see a magnetic grappling point above)
    2. Memento Of Silvia Herrera (Pickett’s Folly – Security Installation, where the single turret is in the middle of the room (on the lift you originally came up on) the magnetic point will be above a room on the ceiling)
    3. Memeto Of Juro Katsuragi (Marshall’s Gorge, winch over, rappel down the holes, grapple up a ledge, pass a footlocker, drop down a short ledge and you’ll see the magnetic point above on the left side)
    4. Memento Of Lagan Cherupara (Marshall’s Gorge – Power Plant, on an upper floor you’ll see a hole in the wall above, not the ceiling, not hard to find just grapple up to it)

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uF6j_BjkDqg There are a total of 4 Mementos. In order to reach them you have to make progress in the main story until you obtain the magnetic hook. It will be given to you automatically after finishing the main missions for the Camp of the Forgotten. After finding all Mementos you need to bring them back to Solchol.
  • Thanks Powerpyx!!
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWJA5GzTW9s
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egdEAd4_nes

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