You're the best…AROUND! Achievement in Lost Planet 3

  • You're the best…AROUND!



    Won every Scenario

  • How to unlock You're the best…AROUND!

    *This is an online achievement*

    There are 6 different scenarios, all on different maps. Just win on each map, regardless of which faction you play as (Snow Pirate or Nevec). You only need one person on each team to start the match. On the Alpha Lair and Outpost maps, both teams collect a T-ENG Canister that is dropped from a Suwankaa or Tangee when killed, then delivered to a drop off (kind of like Capture the Flag). For Contact, Quarantine and Research Lab, Snow Pirates have to do map-based objectives, while Nevec prevents. Stronghold has Nevec escorting the Battlecat and the Snow Pirates try to stop them.

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