- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 30 (1000 )
- Online: None
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : <5 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: 23
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats

Most of you will have watched Lost the TV series. This game will let you reenact most of the scenes from the show, but in a less exiting way. Most of the voice actors are different, and the time taken to complete the game means a lot of points get left out. The main good thing about it is that it is one of the easiest games to 1000 , taking about 1-3 hours and that is if you get lost, no pun intended.

Step one: The Main game and extra bits
Just play through the game - it shouldn't be too hard. If you get stuck, refer to the guide. Along the way you should try and get the extra achievements. You should get each flash back achievements in every level, and try and get the picture taking ones.

Step two: The last ones
This step is if you still have to get a few pictures, just look at which level they are in and do them.

This game is seriously easy to complete, it shouldn't take you that long. Good luck.

x360a would like to thank B T E R for this Road Map.

Lost: Via Domus Achievement Guide

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There are 30 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete Episode 1

    Note: During this episode you will need to do the achievements 815 and Save the Castaways.

    As soon as you wake up in the jungle, get your bearings and look for a woman. Follow her and you will soon find Kate. Talk to her and you have your first flashbac. At this point, do the "815" achievement. Afterward, talk to the hostess. You will return back to the island and speak with Kate once more. She will point you in the correct way, go there and follow the dog. Keep hold of to run and keep up. Soon, You will be at the beach. Find Jack, He will be reviving a survivor and wearing a black suit. He will ask you to fix the fuse leak. At this point, do the "Save the Castaways" achievement. After, head left on the beach and examine a backpack and you will be done with Episode 1.

  • Complete Episode 2

    Note: During this episode you will need to do the Sweet Memory achievement.

    View the cutscenes that begin this episode. Kate suggests that your camera might be at the cockpit, but Jack is not allowing anyone to leave the beach. After talking to Jack, Lisa appears on the beach. Find her down towards the ocean. Attempting to talk to Lisa triggers a flashback. At this point, do the "Sweet Memory" achievement. After, speak to Jack to trick him. Once in the jungle, Locke is in the safe-zones from the Black Smoke. He will explain why they are your friend, ect. Follow the trail of wreckage, running from the shooter. The monster ignores you unless you run right into it. Soon you will find Michael gathering wood. He tells you that you must pass through the caves to reach the cockpit. Trade for some torches if you haven't got any (2-3 should do), then use the lighter Michael gives you as the igniter. Pass through the caves and you will eventually reach the cockpit. Enter through the back and walk towards the front of the plane. When you reach the pilot's room, turn around and you'll see two fuse panels, the one on the right gives free fuses. Take them. The one on the left you must solve. Click here for the solution. Now pick up your camera and you will be done with Episode 2.

  • Complete Episode 3

    Note: During this episode you will need to do the following achievements: Behind the Glass, Blackmailer, 4 8 15 16 23 42 and Beam of Light.

    When you take control, talk with Sayid. You need a battery for your laptop. He suggests you ask Locke for one. Speak to Locke, he will tell you that you have no need for a battery because this island is giving you a fresh start. This triggers your next flashback. At this point, do the "Behind the Glass" achievement. Now speak to Locke again. If you did the previous achievement, you will now get "Blackmailer" and head through the jungle. Follow Locke into the Jungle and he will tell you to follow his markers on the trees. Just follow the markers and try to avoid being shot. You will stumble upon The Hatch. Before talking with Locke, go to the hatch and do the "4 8 15 16 23 42" achievement.

    Speak with Locke about the battery, you must follow him again. When you come to a new area, turn around and head back to the hatch and do the "Beam of Light" achievement. Head back and start following Locke. You will finally reach more caves. Trade with Locke for what you need (around 2-3 torches), he has an oil can, purchase one if possible. Enter the caves and follow Lisa, she will be your guide. Light your torch and WATCH THE FLOOR!, There are quite a few drops which will kill you. There is only one way through. A cutscene will occur when you jump down the ledge. Watch this and you are done with Episode 3.

  • Complete Episode 4

    Note: During this episode, you will need to do the following achievements: Castaways Treasures, Medical Station, Identity Crisis, Button Pusher and part of the Mapping the Island achievement.

    As soon as you begin, do the "Castaways Treasures" achievement. Directly after that, do the "Medical Station" achievement. Now find Sayid. He is at the Swan. Enter the jungle and use your compass to move from point to point toward the Swan. There are markers on the trees showing the path. You eventually meet up with Desmond in the jungle. After talking to him, you reach the area around the Swan. Sayid is standing near the main entrance to the Swan. Talk with him. To learn your name, return to the beach camp, talk with Hurley and he will trigger a flashback. Now do the "Identity Crisis" achievement. After, head back to the Sawn and talk to Sayid. You will now have to do the "Button Pusher" achievement.

    Now you need to fix three fuse panels. Click on each name to see the solution: Sawn Entryway, Sleeping Area and Laundry Area. Once those are all solved, flip the switch in the dome-shaped room and the blast doors will close. The computer will ask "Enter New Way Home" and you must input "Via Domus" to get to the blast door menu. First, turn on all the UV lights and you will get an IQ test. The answers are "63" and "L" - then turn on the UV lights and open the doors. Take a picture of the maps for the "Mapping the Island" achievement: Hidden Map and Blast Door Map. Once the third door is open, Jack and Sayid will enter and the episode will be over.

  • Complete Episode 5

    Note: During this episode you will need to do the following achievements: Persephone, Turn of the Screw, Radzinsky, Past of Desmond, Dharma Ride, Slave and Boom Boom.

    Once you start, equipt the lighter and talk to Kate. Now do the "Persephone" achievement. Talk to Kate to get released and then take some photos for the "Turn of the Screw," "Radzinsky" and "Past of Desmond" achievements. After you have all those, leave the hatch. In front of you is a waterfall, walk through it and follow the path to find a door, then examine it. Return the beach and find Hurley. He will tell you to go to the Black Rock for the dynamite. Buy a gun from Saywer at the beach. There are flags leading from the Swan through the dark territory to the ship. Follow the flags and make use of the banyon roots to avoid the black smoke. Also, pick up the "Dharma Ride" achievement whilst in this jungle area.

    Proceed onward and shoot the guy out of the tree with the gun. When you arrive at the ship, go inside and get the dynamite. Before you leave, do the "Slave" achievement. Do not run with the dynamite or it will explode. Leave the area and return to the dark territory. The return journey is more difficult in that you must dodge the monster but never run because of the dynamite. Getting through this requires being slow and methodical. When you return, go through the waterfall again and blow open the blast door. Set down the dynamite, step back and shoot the dynamite. Enter and find the computer. The answers are "8," "R," and "493" - Select the option "neutralize reactor" and this episode will be done.

  • Complete Episode 6

    Note: During this episode you will need to do the following achievements: Whatever It Takes, Pearl, (finish) Mapping the Island and Showdown.

    Begin running holding and use to jump and to slide. Eventually you come to the Sonar Fence. Juliet will come to the fence. She accuses you of killing Lisa. This triggers a flashback. At this point, do the "Whatever It Takes" achievement. After, convince Juliet to let you through the fence. Once through, bear right down the hill and do the "Pearl" achievement. Head back and make your way up the hill to the Flames entrance. The lights are mostly out and you have to work your way around in the dark. There is an fuse panel in one of the rooms that will open a door leading up into the Flame building. Click here for the solution. Pick up the ammunition on the table in the flame. When you reach the room where Beady eyes is holding Mikhail, DO NOT open the door, instead finish the "Mapping the Island" achievement by taking a picture of Sayid's Map. Then head through the door and shoot Beady Eyes to end this episode.

  • Finish the game

    Note: During this episode you will have to do the Hero's Hero achievement.

    When you're awake, find Lisa in the room and talk to her. Tom then appears on the other side of the glass. Speak with him and he'll trigger another flashback. Walk through the open doors and go to the back of the room and head left, hide in there. You need to take a photo of Mittlewerk giving Savo a Hanso Foundation briefcase. Speak with Tom again. You are now free to roam around the underwater areas of the Hydra station. Your mission is to get out. All your possessions have been confiscated and you have to locate as many fuses as you can. At one end of the station, there is a fuse panel. Look in every room for fuses and use the computer in the water room to lift the 3 final fuses from the shark. The answers are "44," "H," and "B" - the fuse panel solution can be found here.

    A door will open to a room where Ben and Juliet are waiting to talk to you. After the conversation is over, you'll be sent to the beach. Talk to Jack. When you're done, make your way into the jungle and select the option to jump to the Black Rock. Jack is at the entry to the hold of the ship and he will give you a gun. Go up to the deck of the ship where the story will unfold further. Tom will speak with you and trigger a flashback. After the flashback cutscene, you will need to do the "Hero's Hero" achievement. After the cutscenes and you receive your camera back, you'll notice that Juliet has stolen 30 seconds of your precious 2 minutes. It's now time to run! Keep your eye open for log and rocks on the ground. Dodge these with and to slide press - You have the liberty of missing an obstacle 2-3 times. Make sure to keep hold of so you are running and not walking. Halfway through, there will be yet another cutscene. Continue to run to the boat until you reach Locke at the dock. Talk with him, and walk on the boat to finish the game.

  • 815



    Discover all the memories in Flashback 1

    • Take a photo of Kate being handed the bottle of water.

    Examine the following:

    • The backpack at your feet.
    • To your left, on top of the seat divider are strips of photos.
    • Then look up slightly there will be a magazine.
  • Discover all the memories in Flashback 2

    • Take a picture of Lisa with her arm on her hip with the fisherman in the picture.

    Examine the following:

    • A recorder and a newspaper to the left of you.
    • To the right of you there is a diary.
  • Discover all the memories in Flashback 3

    • Take a photo of lisa with the sign 'Rico's Shop' above her.

    Examine the following:

    • A Recorder and Note on the desk.
    • To the left of the desk there are some carboard boxes with an article on them.
  • Discover all the memories in Flashback 4

    • Take a photograph of the folder on the glass case in front of you.

    Examine the following:

    • The folder you have just taken a photo of
    • Look behind you, there are some shelves, there is a recorder on these shelves.
    • Behind the shelves with the recorder on them is another set of shelves with a letter on them.
  • Discover all the memories in Flashback 5

    • Go behind the wooden pillar to the left of where you start, take a photo of Lisa's open laptop (so you have the screen in the photo) and her in the picture. If she see's you she closes it, just walk a little away and she will open it up again.

    Examine the following:

    • On the desk beside Lisa there is a letter and a folder.
    • If you face the guard and look left there is a desk with a recorder on it. Desk is next to the windows.
  • Discover all the memories in Flashback 6

    • Take a photo of the guard and Lisa, the guards gun has to be visible in the photo.

    Examine the following:

    • Diary on the desk next to Lisa.
    • Left of the guard on the desk is a newspaper.
    • On the counter there is a guestbook.

Secret achievements

  • Slave



    Photograph skeleton in Black Rock

    Go in the ship and find the slave, it is to the right of the dynamite at the far end of the ship. The skeleton will flash making it more obvious. This is done in Episode 5.
  • Photograph A Turn of the Screw

    The book is on the bookshelf next to the diary of Radzinsky, the bookshelf is just left after you are released from the armorey. This is done in Episode 5.
  • Photograph numbers on sealed hatch

    The numbers will be on the side of the hatch, they will be engraved in the metal and will flash making themselves easy to find. This is done in Episode 3.
  • Photograph Dharma van

    Just run around in the jungle where you're supposed to follow the black flags and you'll stumble upon it sooner or later, beware of the smoke monster. This is done in Episode 5.



  • Photograph: 1- Blast door map 2- Blast door map for the hidden entrance 3- Sayid's cable map

    The first two are back to back in Episode 4 and the final one is the Episode 6. Check the achievements above for the walkthrough and make sure you do those when the time comes.
  • Photograph: 1- Kate's plane 2- Charlie's guitar 3- Locke's wheelchair

    • Kate is sat playing with her plane, she is just in front of you.
    • Charlie plays his guitar, but he's further along the beach than Kate.
    • Locke's wheelchair is at the beach in the treelines, covered in some vegitation somewhere behind Charlie.

    This is done in Episode 4.
  • Save Jack

    Shoot the dynamite, and remember to stand infront of Kate while doing it. This will be done in the final Episode.
  • Photograph bloodstain on the Swan ceiling

    Photograph Bloodstain on sealing above the lavalamp in the Swan station. That's Radzinsky. Just turn right when you are released from the armory. This will be done in Episode 5.
  • Photograph Pearl Station emblem

    Walk towards the edge, somewhere along the way, the "Pick Up" indicator will appear. Enter the hatch and Photograph the Pearl Station Logo. Click here for the picture. This will be done in Episode 6.
  • Photograph Medical Station emblem

    In Episode 4 on the beach examine the following numbers/objects.
    • 4 - Right on the beach, small house, on a suitcase with bumper stickers.
    • 8 - Right on the beach, the shells form the number 8.
    • 15 - Left on the beach, first stand back side on a part of the wing.
    • 16 - Left on the beach, underneath a cover on a crate.
    • 23 - Left from Hurley on food cart.
    • 42 - Left on the table next to Charlie on the Domino box.

    You will get asked to warp to the medical station. The logo is on the wall at the bottom of the stairs. Then warp home to begin this episode.



  • Photograph beam of light coming from the hatch

    Just pull out your camera and take a picture, isn't a hard one to take. Check the walkthrough for when to do this, it is during Episode 3.
  • Enter the numbers

    When in the hatch, look for the dome shaped room. In the middle will be a computer. Activate that, enter the following code: 4 8 15 16 23 42 then hit . This is done in Episode 4.

  • Convince Locke to help

    Use the information you find from flashback 3 to blackmail Locke. He will comply in the end. This is done in Episode 3.
  • Prevent the fuel leak from igniting

    Go to the back of the plane and fix the fuse panel to stop the plane from leaking fuel. Click here for the solution. This is done in Episode 1.
  • Open the secret door

    This is part of the story, check the walktrhough for Episode 5.
  • Successfully confront Beady Eyes

    Pull and hold to aim your gun and shoot with - This is done at the end of Episode 6.
  • Photograph: Kelvin's jump suit Medical cabinet with vaccines Desmond's mural

    • Kelvin’s jump suit is grey, It's on a hanger next to the laundry machine.
    • The medical cabinet is next to a table with a half moon window.
    • Desmond’s painting you will see as you enter the hatch and walk further along. It's a collage of weird images and numbers.

    This is done in Episode 5.

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