- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 28 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10-12 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 [level replay]
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: A second controller [there is only couch co-op and there is one achievement that requires a second player]

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a fun, cute co-op game in which you control a ship and traverse space saving your animal friends and defeating enemies. There are five main stations to the different ships, turrets, shield, Yamato gun, map and engine. All except the map can be powered up by gems you can collect while exploring the map. The three gems are beam gem, power gem and metal gem.

This is a co-op game but it only supports local so no online multiplayer.

The game is pretty easy and you shouldn't find yourself stuck. This game is meant to be played with a friend but you can still find enjoyment playing solo. In single player you have an AI in which you control which station you want them to man. The AI is intelligent and is capable of holding its own when on their station. Aim is excellent and the maneuvering of the shield is quick. Although the AI can not drive so steering the ship and exploring the map is controlled by you.

There is one achievement that you cannot do with the AI, "First Date", in which you must complete a level in two player mode. Have a second controller and start up any level except the tutorial level.

The achievement "All Creatures Great and Small" requires you so save every animal friend. There are 10 animals in each level to rescue. You only need five to finish the level but if you stay and explore to find the other five it saves you from having to replay the level later.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a fun short game with pretty easy achievements. There are only four campaigns that could be finished in about 10-12 hours.

[XBA would like to thank AlphaDynasty42 for this Roadmap]

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Achievement Guide

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There are 28 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Finish the tutorial.

    *Story related and cannot be missed*

  • Beat any level in two player mode.


    For this achievement you will need a second player or a second controller. Complete any level to get the achievement. Completing the tutorial does not count.

  • Beat any level with the help of your trusty space-pet.

    In single player, you are given a choice to have a dog or cat companion. Simply finish a level with anyone and achievement will unlock.

  • Defeat Ursa Major.

    *Story related and cannot be missed*

  • Defeat Cetus.

    *Story related and cannot be missed*

  • Defeat Orion.

    *Story related and cannot be missed*

  • Defeat King Cepheus.

    *Story related and cannot be missed*

  • Finish a level after removing all fog of war.

    At the beginning of each level the map is covered in fog. As you explore the level, the fog on the map will disappear. Simply finish a level exploring every bit until there is no fog left and the achievement will unlock.

  • Finish a level without taking damage.

    This one can be a bit tricky. Load up any level and move slowly. Have the AI manage the shield as they are pretty reliable. You can lower the difficultly to Casual to make things easier. One of the beginning level works well. The tutorial level does not count.

  • Finish a level without crossing paths with your partner.

    Be mindful of where your partner is at all times. When ordering them to another station, wait for them to get there or take another route. The banana split ship puts players on opposite sides and prevents them from controlling certain stations so this ship is helpful. Finish any level to earn the achievement.

  • Fill up all gem slots in a fully upgraded ship.

    Once you have collected enough friends you will begin to upgrade the ship. You will be able to put two gems at each of the different stations. Make sure there are two gems in each of the stations, all turrets, Yamato gun, shield and engine to earn the achievement. You cannot use the ships that comes with pre-installed gems for this achievement.

  • Play through a campaign without using any gems.

    You must complete a campaign from beginning to boss battle without putting any gems at any station. You cannot use the ships that come with pre-installed gems or it will not count.

  • Earn one of each type of ship badge.

    As you complete each campaign you are award a ship badge depending on the type of ship you used. Complete a campaign with each of the three main ships, the Gumball Zero, Bananas Split and the Jelly Roll, to get the achievement. You cannot use the ships that come with pre-installed gems because they have no ship badge associated with them.

  • Rescue every captured friend.


    There are 100 captured friends throughout the game. Each level (except Boss fights) has 10 friends that could be rescued. You only need five in order for the portal to open to the next level. It is recommended you stay and search for the other five all at once to avoid having to replay the level. Replaying a level resets friends recused so you cannot go back hoping it remembers the others you saved. No matter what you have to rescue 10 friends each level. Also collecting a lot of friends early helps unlock ship upgrades faster.

  • Defeat Ursa Major without taking a punch.

    The main attack of Ursa Major are punches. Send the AI to man the shields and you should be fine. They are pretty quick at blocking. I recommend you avoid using an all metal shield because it is a lot heavier and slower to maneuver. Two power gems on the shield help since the shield will become longer.

    There are times he will push you around the level and you may hit an asteroid taking damage, this does not effect the achievement. All long as he doesn't physically hit you with his fists the achievement will unlock.

  • Defeat Cetus while its head is underwater.

    Once you get Cetus passed half health he will begin to hide underwater a bit more. Power and beam turrets will not penetrate the surface of the water but metal and metal combo turrets will. So once he is about 1/10 of health trying hitting him while he is underwater. I used two metal gems on the Yamato and timed it to fire right as he is underwater. Send the AI to the shield to help protect you while you are running around and to prevent him from accidentally defeating him.

  • Deliver the final blow to Orion using a solar flare.

    One of the main mechanics of this boss fight is Orion will encase himself in ice armor. He will also periodically spawn solar flares. In order to break the ice armor, you must shoot the solar flares at the right angle so that fireballs hit him, breaking the armor and giving you a chance to cause damage. You must make sure the final blow is from a fireball. So once he is at low health, try ricocheting fireballs to hit him and defeat him.

    This is a one of the more difficult achievement since the level requires you to move a lot and hit the right angles so take your time and try to predict his movements to be at the right place in the right time.

  • Remove all of King Cepheus's shields.

    Throughout the level, King Cepheus will have a ring of eyes surrounding him. Simply destroy all the eyes before he spawns new ones.

    In the beginning of the fight he approaches from the right so have two power gems on the Yamato and you and your partner on the right side of the shop. Since the two power gems on the Yamato create heat-seeking missiles they destroy most of the eyes. You and your partner just destroy the remaining. Once all the eyes have been destroyed leaving him without a shield around him the achievement will unlock.

  • Use every station in a single level.

    Run around the ship and use each station at least once and the achievement will unlock.

  • Pirouette 15 times in a single level.

    You will pirouette with your partner every time you pass through them and they are not moving. Simply stand next to you partner and pass him back and fourth until the achievement unlocks. To do this with the AI, in the beginning of any level do not send him to any station and simply pass him back and forth.

  • Throw a gem into a station that is being used by another player.

    As a player or AI is at a any station (turret works the best) just throw the gem passed him with and the gem should automatically stick in the slot, unlocking the achievement.

  • Have 10 unused gems in your ship at one time.

    Collect presents around the map and leave them on your ship unopened. Once you have collected 10, open all of them and leave them on the floor and the achievement will unlock.

  • Use three different types of Yamato weapons in a boss fight.

    If you level select straight to a boss battle you are given free presents. Save all of them till the beginning of the fight. Fire the Yamato gun once using different gems and combinations on that level. The unpowered up Yamato counts as its own type and you don't even have to hit the boss. You can fire all of them into empty space and it counts.

  • Escape a white dwarf without shooting or ramming it.

    White dwarfs have a gravitational pull that are difficult to escape. Powering up the engine with two power gems gives you a boost ability. Use all the boosts in succession to escape the gravity.

  • Survive after being fully enveloped by a bomb trap.

    Sometimes after rescuing a friend, instead of enemies spawning, a bomb does. The bomb explodes creating a large green radius in which the player must escape.

    For this achievement, the ship must be fully engulfed in green, from tip to tip and then escape the radius. The bomb does considerable damage so make sure you have close to full health before you try.

    Once you are fully engulfed, escape and the bomb dissipates the achievement will unlock.

  • Kill 20 enemies with security guns in a single level.

    Throughout the game there are small dungeons you must navigate when trying to save your friends. There are turret emplacements that shoot a green laser at anything that passes through them. Once you saved a friend from that dungeon usually a swarm of enemies spawn. Take those enemies and try to run and hide passed the turrets forcing the enemies in their line of sight destroying them. Do this with multiple enemies till the achievement unlocks.

  • Have 20 cells at one time on the Metal-Beam shield.

    When you combine metal and beam on the shield it produces metallic cell bombs. Cell bombs are created when shot by the enemy. Have an enemies shoot the shield until 20 cells are creates. Do it quickly because the cells do disappear and try not to hit an enemy with the shield because it will destroy them.

  • Make two Power-Metal missiles collide.

    Power and metal create a guided missile you can control. This achievement can be done easily in the in-between levels hub. Have two power-metal turrets and send the AI to one. The AI will continuously shoot straight thus giving you the time to guide the missile in its path unlocking the achievement.

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