Michael Vick Award Achievement in Madden NFL 12

  • Michael Vick Award



    Rush for 130+ yards with your QB (No OTP or co-op)

  • How to unlock Michael Vick Award

    Edit your QB's stats to 99, enter a game with the Broken Tackles and Run Blocking sliders adjusted to 100. Select Pass > Hail Mary > Hail Mary. Press to hike the ball and instead of passing the ball with, simply run the ball down field with your QB.

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  • Just do four verticals every play be michael vick and vs the panthers
  • For me, I was against the Bengals I think and then I would choose Pass and just run with Vick. lol I got 198 yards with 5 min quarters. I had almost gotten the Tim Tebbow achievement but got tackled a yard away from gettin the touchdown. but i got like 105g in one game so yeah. also just turn the players rushing defense down a bit to get the achivement cuz that worked for me.
  • i Used Michael Vic On This one .. I Was Against The lions .. I Didnt think I Was gonna Make it but In The last quarter I Did QB Sneek For the hell of it And found a Hole In The middle And ran It for A Touchdown twice .. Over 140+ Yards
  • I imagine hail marys and other long passes are good for this one... send the other team up the field and then get what u can along the ground...
  • Hail mary all the way, got the adrian peterson award at the same time :)
  • I've done this 3 times now with 3 minute quarter, Eagles vs. Lions, i got 200, 151, and 148 yards... y is it not working... i edited the lions stats too
  • i got it now

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