Reggie Wayne Award Achievement

  • Reggie Wayne Award



    Catch 14+ passes in one game with one player (No OTP or co-op)

    Edit your QB's and one of your WR's stats to 99, enter a game with the QB Accuracy, Pass Blocking and WR Catching sliders adjusted to 100. Select any short yardage passing play and catch 14+ passes with the same WR.

    This Achievement can also be obtained with your RB by simply using a Screen Pass.

  • in madden 11 this achievement required 21+ passes
  • this one in 11 made me mad. i kept getting close then would make a stupid throw. this one is much easier.
  • I got this with Witten. He never drops a pass and he caught over 20 passes by the end of the first half. I tried it with other recievers before but they always started dropping everything after a while.
  • short passes to branch all day long 5minute quarters

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