San Diego Chargers Award Achievement

  • San Diego Chargers Award



    Hold your opponent to under 67 yds of total offense (minimum 5 min. qtr., no OTP or co-op)

    Set the Game to 5-Minute Quarters and turn Offside off. When on defense, cross the line of scrimmage with your LB and stand directly in front of or behind the CPU Quarterback and sack the QB. Do this every time the CPU has possession of the ball, not allowing them to gain any yards of offense.

  • Wow this game was against the Chiefs were obviously only got 67 yards on offense.
  • did they really do this against the Chiefs? The Chiefs won the division last year! anyway, do you think (or know) if we can do this with accelerated clock turned on?
  • this is going to be hard i mean one bad play and your done for
  • u can basically do this with two controllers to make ur lives easier instead of playing against the CPU. And u can turn of the play clock. The play clock has nothing to do with the trophies.
  • co-op troll. This will be easy really, just run every down and they will only have the ball a max of 2 times the whole game
  • I did this to a guy online, when the Achievement popped I just started laughing my a** off, apparently he only netted 43 yards in the air and 4 on the ground. I couldn't believe it. Then I realized I forced him to punt 4 times and picked him off 5.
  • this wasnt that hard. this is the first madden game I own and I got it pretty easily. I just turned down the difficluty of the CPU when they pass. Along with this I got the Michael Vick Award, the Darren McFadden Award, and the Happy 20th EA Sporst achievement for a total of 105 gamerscore. So if you turn the CPU difficulty down, you can still get it in this achievement, and probably all of them. hope i helped.
  • This was the first achievement I ever earned because I'm really good at defense. I'm so good at defense that nobody can beat me, not even God himself.
  • i did this when i was playing online against some chump
  • doesn't anyone realize this is by far one of the easiest achievements? just turn offside off and sack the QB every play and force them to punt and run the ball on offence with no play clock and accelerated clock
  • I got this one with the Chargers against the Chiefs in my franchise first year. Had no idea until it popped at the end. -15 yards rushing and 60 yards passing.
  • Play on rookie... Simple
  • i feel great, because nobody gets achievements on all pro without turning off penalties and changing everything because they can`t even play the game they payed 80 bucks for the right way!
  • I got this by accident while trying to get the Peyton Hillis award.
  • #6 nice
  • partiots raiders pause the game go to settings cpu skills. set the all to the negative requirements

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