Adrian Peterson Award Achievement

  • Adrian Peterson Award



    Score on an 80+ yard TD run (No OTP or co-op)

    Edit your RB's stats to 99, enter a game with the Broken Tackles and Run Blocking sliders adjusted to 100. Select any Rushing play, making sure you are at least at your own 20-yard line.

    This Achievement can also be obtained with your QB.

  • Got this one in SuperStar mode playing as Detroit Lions' running Back Mikel LeShoure. Got a nice break out run up the middle!! A fun achievement to get!!
  • I keep NEARLY getting this on superstar mode... got a 79, two 75s and a 82 that got tackled within 5 yards of the endzone!!!
  • Its funny how these cheevos (and football) work out sometime. I was playing a super easy mode game boosting acheivements, and couldn't get this. I would pop off like a 60 yard run and get tackled every time. Then yesterday, playing on a custom difficulty level somewhere between pro and all pro, I got the achievement with Peyton Hillis, playing as the Browns against the Patriots, in Foxboro. Would have never imagined getting this as Hillis, much less against a good team like new england.
  • easy. receive the first kickoff. macke it a touchback. just pick hb dive and get a hole. keep juking them
  • easy use chris jonson and run a counter to the left at the 20 on rookie

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