Oakland Raiders Award Achievement

  • Oakland Raiders Award



    Win by 45 points or more (No OTP or co-op)

    Simply score as much as possible when on offense and when on defense, cross the line of scrimmage with your LB and stand directly in front of or behind the CPU Quarterback and sack the QB. Do this every time the CPU has possession of the ball, not allowing them to score.

  • LOL.
  • remember last year when they destroyed the broncos by 45 points
  • Yeah, but I just find this one funny. If I was asleep for a year and woke up to see see see this, I'd be sooooo lost. haha.
  • Im gonna smash on the donkey with Oakland just like in real life
  • These achievements are funny and great with references from last year. Good thing we will have football this year. I can picture an achievement for next year. "Get through with the labor talk junk and play football that same year." LOL
  • Raiders!! Where's the Jacoby Ford award achievement for kick return touchdowns
  • Wow i remember this game against the Broncos, my dad was going nuts they set a franchise record in points in a single game too that day.
  • this one's pretty easy...last year you had to win (or score, i cant remember) by 59 points
  • Didn't pop for me? Anyone else have that problem?
  • Didn't work for me either...
  • Won't work for me. 3 of my first 4 games in my season have qualified for this and I have nothing still.
  • i won a joke game on rookie by like 140 points and it didn't work, then won a game on MUT by about 50 points and it did
  • you have to win by 42 points or more using your MUT team online.
  • wait...what? you have to use your MUT team online for this? you think they would of put that in the description or something.
  • It doesn't say anything about using a MUT team. Chillax
  • Hasnt worked for me either, any confirmation it has to be a mut team?
  • didn't work for me either and i won by 70 something the (verizon scoreboard overload) score 50 points in one game poped up thoe strange huh?
  • i won by 47 points playin with the mut and still didnt get it now thats weird
  • the whole game has glitchy achievements, cant get this, create a mut team, and win a fa bidding war, thanks EA, you jack-offs >:I
  • Looks like you need to set the time to 5 min quarters. I just unlocked this in a regular game mode with QTR length at 5 min. Before I was using 10 min QTRs, first try at 5 min and it unlocked.
  • Ty #20, now if the this is easy achievement was fixed I'd be good
  • Go Oakland
  • This is what I did once I found out that it didn't unlock for me in the play now mode. 1. I was still on rookie mode for other achievements, so this achievement works on rookie. 2. Use your MUT team. That is how I got it. 3. Play 5 min quarters. That is all, GO RAIDERS!!!
  • Hey guys I did this last night in a Play Now exhibition game with the Colts vs Bengals. Played with 5 min quarters. So good luck to everyone else with this.
  • wish I'd read here first instead of wasting time playing longer quarters and getting pissed that the achievement wasn't popping up
  • Definitely done with 5 min quarters. Played with 15 min quarters first time and blew the other team away 100+ to 0 and didn't unlock. Played with 5 min quarters next time and got it. Did it in an exhibition game.
  • Thank you, did this twice with 10 minute quarters and it didn't work, 5 minute does though.
  • i did it with the colts vs browns and didnt get it
  • eaaaasssyyyy. i got it being patriots against the raiders. i also got the verizon scoreboard achevo in this game also. me:56 them:7
  • Anyone get this after Supersimming? Maybe that was why I didnt get it
  • did it with my eyes closed

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