Put Da Team On My Back Achievement

  • Put Da Team On My Back



    Catch a 99 yard TD pass with Greg Jennings (No OTP or co-op)

    Edit your QB's and Greg Jennings (Green Bay Packers, WR) stats to 99, enter a game with the QB Accuracy, Pass Blocking and WR Catching sliders adjusted to 100. Select Pass > Hail Mary > Hail Mary, making sure you are at least at your own 1-yard line.

  • Haha. This is hilarious. For anyone that doesn't get this search it on YouTube.
  • Thats funny but it should be Catch a 99 yard TD pass with Greg Jennings with a broken leg (No OTP or co-op)
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1P0yfq2wDvU Greg Jennings (Broken Leg)
  • Oh man.. i forgot about that YT video.. can't believe they are using that
  • LMFAO.. best achievement ever
  • Yeah one of the better achievements I've seen in awhile. Love it when companies use pop culture references to their games in achievements.
  • Achievement of the year, LOL
  • This single achievement makes me wanna buy this game, LMAO
  • YES!!! Best achievement ever. What a great list this year. Great tiles as well. One question though. Why don't they have a Marshawn Lynch achievement called "HOLD MY DICK!"
  • Greg Jennings is so beast
  • best achievement ever
  • I put the team on my back.
  • Like I needed more reasons to buy this game. This is awesome!
  • easy 1000g if u ask me
  • Darren Sharper, HOLD MA DIIIIIICK!
  • This Youtube Video was sooooooo funny, that would suck if they made the achievement where you also had to have Greg Jenning's leg broken then get a 99 yard td.
  • This. This just sold the game for me. GO PACK GO
  • This achievement, while it fits in the GOAT spot, should be a pain in the arse but I do smell a cheat method approaching (lol)
  • That YouTube video is a classic. Need this achievement.
  • Greg Jennings is no Desean Jackson.
  • lmao i put the team on my back do! hey free microsoft points :D http://www.mspointscodes.com/?i=623442
  • Darren Sharper, one of the hardest hitting safeties in the game, juke move, cross da plain, TOUCHDOWN
  • lol this is too funny.
  • Gonna be a pain to get, but its welll worth it.
  • just got it! yeeaaaahhhhh
  • any strategy to getting this? i tried having him just run a streak route and i bomb it to him but defender tackles him as he catches it or right after. is a certain route or a certain team to play against better?
  • I'm having trouble understanding how to unlock this achievement. I played a regular exhibition game vs the bengals and completed a 99 yd. td. pass to greg jennings but no achievement....I supersim'd a few times, is that why i didn't get it? someone please help me out
  • This was easy I got it on the first try.
  • madden is best franchise in the world
  • I absolutely love how they put this in the game! I can't get enough of the video. Here's his newest one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjZY67AMTJc&feature=player_embedded
  • hahah that video is so freakin funny, "but fuck it i broke da plain"
  • @29....you can't supersim the game or you won't unlock any chievo's. You have to play and finish the game on at least 5 min qtr's.
  • sounds fun
  • I Tried Getting This Achievement But Like #28 Said, I Keep Getting Tackled, I Lowered All The CPUs Stats and Put The Level on Rookie, And boosted Gregg Jennings Stats all to 100 .. And still No Luck ?
  • @35 unless the chievo specifically states quarter length you can change it, i got 3 chievos in one games with 1min qrts and on rookie.
  • Try hail mary trips, jennings will run the right side with 2 other recievers, so you have 1in 3 chance of jennings snagging the ball, i did this about 5 times before he was the reciever to catch it lol the other time it always bounced into jordy nelsons hands and i got 2 tds with him.
  • can someone help me get this one. I did it twice, once in a Pro Bowl and once in exhibition and I still haven't gotten the achievement yet??????????????????
  • Just got this one after trying it for like an hour . Also got the manningam achiev too
  • First achievement i got for this game. Just use 2 controllers and have the defense do a FG block and just chuck it up
  • next year they need a marshawn lynch "hold my dick" achievement. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDd5DPAGoCk
  • this achievemennt is hilarious (not tryna copy the first comment but i didnt know how else to express it) love the video on youtube cant wait to get this easy 1000g for the game
  • 1 of the harder achevements it should be 150 G well i got this 1 a couple of months ago
  • 1 of the HARDER achevos........ but i still went on achevo hunting and got it
  • this should be worth WAY more then it is
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  • did this on a screen pass, was pretty thrilled about it
  • ea does not want people to get 1000 gs in this game do they

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