Mario Manningham Award Achievement

  • Mario Manningham Award



    Catch a 92+ yard TD pass (No OTP or co-op)

    See 'Put Da Team On My Back'

  • Won't this come up if you get the Greg Jennings one?
  • Yeah it would since that achievement would be to get a 99 yard catch
  • there was something like this in last years game and they didnt always unlock together
  • yup just hit a bunch of delay of games to be on the 1 yd line. hit jennings for 99 yds but no cheevo. i did get this one though
  • I took the ball on first down and ran down to the one (its a risky strategy as I got called for a safety twice trying to do this (one was not, even though a challenge upheld the call, the other I was knocked backwards and not given forward progress). first play I had Jennings open tapped the button, he wound up catching it breaking a tackle and running the distance. Both popped. so it looks like this is one of those stubborn ones that doesn't always unlock when it meets the requirements of another one.
  • Mine unlocked at the end of the game
  • I did this one trying to get the Kenny Britt achievement. Pretty simple.
  • comment @1 and @2 this achevo wont come up only the greg jennings 1 if get the 99 yard pass with jennings. this wont come up because it says catch the 99 yard pass with GREG JENNINGS, not just anyone
  • dont read my first comment it is incorrect
  • I just got a 99 yard touchdown with Greg Jennings and I got both achievements.

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