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  • Bryan McCann Award



    Return an interception 100+ yards (No OTP or co-op)

    Edit your LB's and/or CB's stats to 99, enter a game with the Reaction Time and Interceptions sliders adjusted to 100. You must Intercept a ball from your End Zone to return it 100+ Yards. When the CPU QB throws the ball, quickly hit until your selected defender is near the receiver. Hit to intercept.

  • Regardless of McCann doing this last season, it should still be called the "Ed Reed Award" since he owns the record. (108 yards)
  • As a Cowboys fan I find it funny, he might not even make the team this year.
  • As a Baltimore native and Ravens fan, i completely agree with #1, although i think i may be mistaken, i think he broke his own record with 109 yards
  • The achievements are named after things that happened LAST YEAR. They're not going to, and shouldn't be excepted to, break the pattern they chose for the achievement names because you like the Ravens. Is there anyway to set this one up, or do I just have to wait for the opportunity?
  • I was wondering the same thing. Any time I get in an easy situation for this, the CPU runs the ball or something of that nature.
  • Ok, so check this: I got this using the MUT (trying to work towards the MUT achievements, too). I played my MUT team against the Patriots (a good passing team). I built up a 35-14 lead, and around the 3rd quarter, whenever on offense, I would run the ball so that my RB would go out around my 20 yard line. I would kick a field goal (obviously not going to make it) so they would have possession around the 13. Set up in a prevent defense, adjust the CPU QB accuracy skill to around 30, and wait for a pick 6.
  • Does this actually work? Is it just a waiting game after you set it up or is it automatic?
  • You have to have a big enough lead to get the computer to throw the ball inside of the 10 yard line - the trend is just to run, but with a big lead, they will need to score right away. Force the computer to punt (easiest by going into the settings and adjusting the offsides penalties to 0, then just move one of your LBs by the QB and when he snaps the ball, sack him). Once he goes 3 and out, he'll punt on 4th down. Take the punt and (if necessary) run backwards so that you end up out of bounds around YOUR 20 yard line. On 1st down, select special teams and kick a field goal - you won't make it, but the point is to give them good position to throw for the end zone every down. If you have a big enough lead (around 21+ points), the QB will try to score quick so they can get the ball back. T
  • Take the CPU accuracy down to 30, and when they throw for the end zone, press B to control the player nearest the ball and Y to try to pick the pass off in the end zone. It is not automatic - you will have to avoid being tackled during the foot race. This is why I used the MUT team with elite secondary against Tom Brady (who loves to pass). Good luck, it took me a couple of games to get this.
  • coming from a steelers fan , james harrisons 106 yard touchdown int. in the superbowl tops all of those
  • your wrong Pittsburgh v... as a steelers fan you should know it was a 100 yard INT not 106....
  • send me a friend request we can do this online or in mut togeather my gt is :thealmightyjc
  • I got this achievement by accident against the patriots and using a Keith Brooking no less.
  • impossible!
  • Just get a big lead and then keep turning the ball over inside your own 20 yard line. They will make a mistake sooner or later. Big props to #13 for doing it with Keith Brooking. I picked off Alex Smith twice in the end zone with Hawk and Matthews but they were too slow to make it all the way. I got it with Charles Woodson late in the game. GO BLUE!!!
  • this is how u do it easily (i already had bengals with low speed) and just put the fs ss and cb on man on the 1 and only wr and all other def players on qb spys and on off have everyone block except that one 1 on a streak into the endzone
  • I got this by using the Jets vs the Cardinals with 2 controllers with each on rookie and just passed with the cardinals every play in the endzone and eventually returned it with Antonio Cromartie and every time Arizona turned it over I would just do a field goal
  • I got this in an Ultimate Team game using Champ Bailey playing online my last achievement to get my 1000 G!!
  • hey guys, just wanted to say that there is an easier way (unless you have like a 95+ ultimate team). I do not have this achievement but I picked one off at the 1 and ran it back 99 yards so i know that this will work, and while there is no exact way to MAKE the quarterback throw the ball to you at the right place i have some tips to help maximize your chances for multiple achievements at once. Instead of using a MUT just go to the rosters and make a "dream team". I have tom brady, greg jennings, troy palamalu, ed reed, vince wilfork, etc. Grab everybody above 90 ovr you can. (I ran it back with rogers-cromartie). During this same game i also got "put da team on my back" (99Yd Jennings TD) and Deshawn Jackson award, NY Giants award etc. While this has essentially the same effect as the M
  • Done with Ed Reed 106 yards turning around a 7 point game that was almost a 14 point game to win with a field goal as time expired... For me it was the Disney Film ending award
  • This didn't unlock for me when I did it. I used two controllers.
  • I picked some guy on MUT online 5 times and got this award as one of them.
  • this is challenging, cant get it..ugh
  • @21 you can't do it with 2 controllers that is why it didn't pop up.
  • Antione Bethea of the Colts
  • finally got it! did it on a head to head game, also got 2 pick 6's and 4 int. in 1 game, lots of gamer in 1 game...
  • i got this with my cousin. What I did was max out my stats and then he lowered his. Got the achievement returned the stats to normal and then got it again on accident.
  • i just cant get this 1 ill try it with my mom because she sucks at this game :)
  • this is the last one i need. but every time i pick one its always with a LB so i always get caught form be hide damn this one
  • Yeah this one sucks, one of my last ones
  • It's easy to get it, when you just play online
  • Anyone wanna boost this...
  • Got this last night with Ed Reed on all pro! Picked it off in the back right corner of the endzone, ran about 10 yards up the sideline to make a guy miss, then immediately went straight left, then up the left sideline. Nobody was able to catch me
  • I'm still having trouble with this one, which is frustrating because I've done this before and when it's an achievement I can't lol.
  • Looking for someone to boost this with me in an unranked match, message me if interested GT: BiG PoPpA CrIsP

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