Dan Carpenter Award Achievement

  • Dan Carpenter Award



    Kick a 60+ yard FG (No OTP or co-op)

    Edit your kicker's stats to 99, enter a game with the Kick Power and Accuracy sliders adjusted to 100 and kick a field goal from at least the 43-yard line.

  • YES. I was hoping for a Miami Dolphins related achievement, go Fins!
  • They have this one every year
  • this one is easier than some of the other similar achievements in year's past, just jack up your FG power to 100 in the sliders and you should nail the kick through, I used Mason Crosby. It used to require a lot more effort you still needed to get a near perfect power after jacking up the sliders, now you can break the record by at least 10 yards (I hit a 66 yarder with a lot of room)
  • Good shout with Mason Crosby. Scored a 62yd Field Goal very easily! Packers have a very strong team!
  • I got this when I was trying to get the interception achievements so everytime I got the ball I kicked a fg just to give them the ball back but I accidently made a long fg and got this achievement.
  • This may be harder for next year because if they make achievements according to the nfl season. Seabass from Oakland made a huge 63 yard field goal, so expect something related to him and his 63 yarder next game.
  • Bull shit ! I Kicked a 61, 60 and A 63 All in The same game and still Didnt Unlock This Achievement, I Also Got The Javid Best One at The same time and it aint Unlock !
  • Some of the Achievements won't unlock until the game is over. I did it with Janikowski from 63 yds out during a windy game.
  • what sliders are we talkin about i cant seem to make the fg
  • ohhhhhh those sliderssss chirppp
  • If you make the game Windy it will help as long as your kicker has the power to kick that far.
  • Just got this with David Buehler ROFL Game winner hahahah
  • Just got this with David Buehler ROFL Game winner hahahah
  • Pain in the ass! Tried with Longwell/Vikings and didnt make it. I used sliders and adjusted his rating, but the ball lands in the endzone, but doesnt make the way through goal. Please help!
  • i got this 1 recently. i made my own team and got it with dan carpenter himself. raise all hist kicking stas to 99. then on the home page of madden 12 go to settings and raise all the kicker accuracy and power to max
  • Can u supersim for this one?
  • @15 Thanks

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