Leon Washington Award Achievement

  • Leon Washington Award



    Return 2+ kicks for touchdowns in one game with one player (No OTP or co-op)

    Return two kickoffs for TD's in one game. Can easily be done with edited Rosters, Adjusted Sliders and on Rookie Difficulty.

    You could attempt this with two controllers, however an easier way is to simply edit your team as well as the CPU Team, adjust the sliders and play on Rookie Difficulty..

    First, edit your players Speed to 99, then edit the speed of each player on the CPU defense to the lowest possible. That way you can simply out run them to the end zone.

  • omg this cheev is in every madden game.. they r so lazy with achievements
  • why is it not devin hester?
  • Set difficulty to easy run around in the endzone swing around untouched lol... They do this every madden.
  • It's not Devin Hester cuz they want him to just return punts once in a while and they'd like for him to be a receiver. I still don't have this achievement from Madden 09.
  • i think i'd make an all star team using Cribbs or Hester for this one
  • I assume 2+ means 3 td returns. Pretty lame and pointless. Sounds like a 2 contoller achievement to me.
  • It's not Devin Hester because Leon Washington did this last year, not Hester. Notice that theme with these?
  • why isnt there a Marshawn Lynch award?
  • this isnt Devin Hester because he doesnt return kicks, only punts, and it was Cribbs achievement last year
  • and because Leon did it last year
  • Hester does return kicks, and 2+ means 2 minimum
  • cribbs or hester. cj spiller had the 97 yard return, but leon washington?
  • with the new kickoff rules this will be harder than year's past...that kinda blows
  • Washington did it last year, hence, the Leon Washington Award. You can get the achievement by returning two kicks for TDs. Problem is, I don't allow enough points to get enough chances. Ran back one with DeSean Jackson in 2 tries... it was tough.
  • @5 I returned 2 in one game with Tramon Williams. I don't have the achievement yet. Does it have to be from the kick after they score, or punts, or what?
  • @spooferfish It has to be on kickoffs, punt returns don't count towards the achievement
  • Retured 2 in 1 game with Laurent Robinson !!
  • kickoff returns are the hardest thing for me. i can get punt returns relatively easy but not kickoffs. any tips?
  • Anybody need help I need it as well head to head inv me fe4r th3 viper
  • ^^^big help def would recommend
  • Maybe I just suck at Madden, but this achievement is ridiculous. Even on rookie, the other team swarms on you during KO and Punts. If you wanna make it ridiculously easy, go in a team's roster and edit a bunch of the fast players on kickoffs speed and acceleration to zero, then in-game go to settings and put minimum speed threshold or whatever its called to zero. You might only need to put the minimum speed threshold to zero, I would try that first because it's a pain editing a ton of guys stats.
  • Did This with Patrick Cobb of Green Bay, I also returned a punt with him in the same game.
  • I got this on the first try by turning speed threshold to 0 then turning everyone on my teams speed to 99 then I put kickoff power to 0 and got the achievement with Champas.
  • Oh yeah and I also edited the players on the other team and gave them a speed rating of 10 which let me run by them easier.
  • Really #22? its Randall Cobb BTW does anyone want to boost for this I cant get it for the life of me..... message me
  • #25 im down hit me up gamertag is XTREME SUASAGE
  • @22 it's Randall Cobb
  • Yeah I need help too. GT is Eat My Llama send me a msg if u can help. Note I don't have a mic.
  • is this a hard achievement? it's worth 50 points!
  • is this a hard achievement? it's worth 50 points!
  • Message me on xbox if you need help with this achievement and some others. GT: PhaniBandit
  • If you want to do it the easy way just edit the players on the team you are playing so that all the players speed is at 0. It will take you awhile but if you are having a hard time doing it. It might be worth it to you. I did it with Jacoby Ford of the Raiders on All-Pro. Don't freak out if after the 2nd TD the achievement don't pop. Mine didn't pop until the game was over.
  • most the achievements are simple if u just put it on rookie which sounds lame but oh well lol its not as bad as ive heard people turning down sliders and what not. but this one id def use anyone with 99 speed and dance in the endzone waiting for a whole to open.
  • This achievement is glitched for me, I've done it twice and still no achievement.
  • Hey anyone want to boost this sent me an invite. XBL Gamertag ooWoody
  • for all the people trying to hook up online to get it, that doesn't work... no OTP or Co-op!!!
  • you also cannot have any penalties...my second one was negated due to a penalty and so it didnt count....
  • You can go into rosters and adjust your abilities to have full speed and full break tackle. I got this on my first try.
  • I got this achievement in Superstar Mode playing as Patrick Peterson, even though I wasn't on kick returner.
  • Finally got this last night as Desean Jackson of Philadelphia playing against Arizona. I edited all the players on Arizona's kick coverage team to have 0 ratings in speed, tackling, awareness, accelleration, and strength. Was stupid easy after doing that.
  • WTF.. Thats no kind of achievement!!! Whats the point of editing the abilities of opposing cpu players. My advice is to put in the work and get some skills so you can have pride in your achievements .
  • Same as #39, playing superstar mode my player was QB and supersimed up to only my players time on the field, two kicks got returned from my team during the sim. It popped before the game ended.
  • unlocks after the game! because it says "one game" in the achievement it will unlock then
  • I need help getting this achievement! I ran 6 kick backs but I supersimmed the rest of the game
  • #44 you have to play the whole game no supersim
  • When it says "2+," do you need to return 2 kickoffs or 3 to get the achievement? PLEASE REPLY
  • @46 2 Minimum... It means 2 or more. :v
  • I had never taken one back in 12 then out of nowhere i got 2 with Reggie Bush.
  • it took me seven hours straight but I finally beat the achievement with Pittsburgh steelers wide receiver emmunal sanders
  • I was attempting to do this with Leon Washington. I returned the opening kickoff with him. Then the other team stopped kicking to him. So I ended up getting this achievement with Justin Forsett

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