New York Giants Award Achievement

  • New York Giants Award



    Record 10+ sacks as a team in one game (No OTP or co-op)

    Turn Offside off and sack the CPU Quarterback 10 Times in one game.

  • Remember when they did this last year against Jay Cutler? I surprised Jay wasn't on crutches afterwards.
  • haha jay and his backups
  • lol Bears suck.
  • Thanks for rubbing it in EA. I was trying to forget about that. -.- BEAR DOWN
  • can u turn offsides off for this one?
  • just turn offsides and false starts all the way down easy got it in 1 minute quarters
  • Do what #6 said. All these achievements can be done fast.
  • So... turn off offsides, put it on easy and let the game play itself? I did this on an earlier Madden game to get 8 sacks with a single player...
  • Poor, Poor Jay Go Texans
  • How do you turn offsides off?
  • Mathis and Frenrey colts de
  • Do what #6 and #8 said.

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