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    Win a FA bidding in Franchise Mode

    From the Main Menu, select Game Modes > Franchise Mode > New Franchise. Select any Team and advance to the Franchise Year 1 screen. Press and simulate the Pre-Season. Once the Pre-Season is simulated, advance to the Regular Season. Press and simulate the Regular Season. Once the Regular Season is over, simulate the Post Season, Pro Bowl and Super Bowl and advance to Front Office Mode Off-Season. Press to skip past the Front Office Mode, Player Retirements, Re-Sign Players and Combine Scouting. Press to advance to Free Agency. Once in Free Agency, select Start the Bidding, highlight any player and press to bid. Once the clock next to the player runs out and if you are the high bidder, the Achievement unlocks.

  • This is an amazing achievement name and an even better tile.
  • Duh, typo. Win an FA bidding. Stupid Ea
  • #2 Why would it be "an", isn't an only used if the next word starts with a vowel?
  • Why would they use the bengals logo for this? Since when do they win?
  • The Bengals win at crime. And that is how we roll. RIP CH15
  • the bengal is a reference to charlie sheens tiger blood. winning is obviously also a sheen reference
  • You still use an "an" in front of EA. And they used the Bengals logo for the reference to Charlie Sheen's "tiger blood" for anybody that didn't know or forgot. Pretty clever, EA.
  • Just when I expected the achievement list to be dull and unoriginal, Props to whoever made this one up.
  • Lol making a Charlie Sheen reference I hope he sees this achievement from any source :)
  • its definitely a, not an, its not based on the sound of the first letter its based on if the first letter is a vowel.
  • So do you say "a honor" then?
  • This is why english is so confusing. The "rules" change. I haven't done this yet.. I better get to it before the trade deadline.
  • how do you get this it said my roster was full
  • #13 trade/drop someone?
  • Hmm, I can't seem to figure out how to drop/trade someone so I can get a FA either. :S
  • Wtf is this glitches too?
  • How is this unlocked everytime I go to free agents it just asks if I'm sure I want to sign the player it doesn't ask me if I want to bid anything.
  • I Wanna Know How to Get This Acheviement Because I Beat Franchise mode Done the whole season And for some reason It Did Not Unlock ..
  • same is happening to me as #17 can someone please explain i just need this one and the final cut achievement to get the 1000 gamer score
  • For those who have trouble, this is what to do. 1. Sim Preseason and regular season. 2. Sim Playoffs and probowl and everything else up till it asks you about free agency (This is past retirement session and combine scouting). 3. When it asks about free agency, choose the first option, which takes you to the free agency list. 4. Select I want to bid and start clicking like mad on every player till it ends, once it ends, then the achievement is yours. Side Note: Set salary cap to no limit just in case you can't afford them.
  • it is an honor because the h is "silent" and free does not have any silent letters so it is a not an don't say it if u don't no what your talking about.
  • Ugh this achievement won't work either
  • Win a Free Agency... Win an FA... depends on if you say "free agency" or if you say "eff ay" I think they intend for you to say "Free Agency"

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