MUT Maniac Achievement

  • MUT Maniac



    Complete 20 MUT Games

    From the Main Menu, select Ultimate Team > Play Game > Play Vs. CPU. Change the Quarter Length to 1-Minute and Advance to the game. Do this 20 times to unlock the Ultimate Veteran and MUT Maniac Achievements.

    These games can be simulated using SuperSim, however it seems that game 11 must be played to unlock 'Ultimate Veteran' and you will have to play a 21st game to get 'MUT Maniac'.

  • on game 24 and achievment hasnt popped!!!!!!!!
  • on game 24 and achievment hasnt popped!!!!!!!!
  • don't sim.. play the game
  • Train65 is right, you have to play the whole game. Easiest thing to do is take the quarters down to 1 minute. And remember, you just have to play and finish (all the way through the end highlight reel and exit the game from the after-game menu), you don't have to win each game.
  • do online games count? I am getting quit on before the half just because i am winning. does it not count even though i get a W in the win columb because i couldn't finish the game for the opponent quitting on me?
  • Is there anyway to start MUT over, like delete and make a new team (in nhl HUT you can). Just in case you screw up and run out of contracts for your guys?
  • anybody else getting a disc unreadable on their 20th MUT game? Not a single scratch on my disc and it is unreadable at 20 for some reason. Will try it a few times and maybe sim the 20th and play 21st to see if that helps.
  • I didn't end up simming the 20th game but had to play about 5 total games said unreadable and next game played fine. Hope no one else has to go through this BS but this is what happens when EA tries to fix problems. They cause more problems.
  • You can sim all the games you want but when you play your 20th game return to the main menu then turn off your 360 after that start madden back up and go to mut Mode the achievement will pop
  • i simmed my last 8 games and i didnt get the achievement at first but after like a month i decided to work on them but when i picked the ultimate team part in the main menu to play i get the achievement so if u didnt get it while simming wait a couple of days i guess
  • i just started and it picked a team(KC)and coach for me!? did i miss something while creating my team? can it be deleted?

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