Ultimate Veteran Achievement

  • Ultimate Veteran



    Complete 10 MUT Games

    See 'MUT Maniac'

  • Do the games have to be a certain gametye in MUT ...cause my record is 10-0 and the achievment didnt pop
  • or is it because after i was wining i would just sim the rest of the game
  • nevermind...i figured out wat it was...the first game i played the opponent quit closer to the end...it counted it as a win but i didnt complete the game...and the achievment says complete
  • I'm just doing it with CPU much easier just do minute quarters with accelerated clock and should have it in no time
  • can you do it with the computer cuz i went online and it was beyond laggy i couldnt make it through the game it was effin terrible
  • It counts if you play the computer.

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