DeSean Jackson Award Achievement

  • DeSean Jackson Award



    Return a punt for a TD (No OTP or co-op)

    Return a Punt for a TD. Can easily be done with edited Rosters, Adjusted Sliders and on Rookie Difficulty.

    You could attempt this with two controllers, however an easier way is to simply edit your team as well as the CPU Team, adjust the sliders and play on Rookie Difficulty..

    First, edit your players Speed to 99, then edit the speed of each player on the CPU defense to the lowest possible. That way you can simply out run them to the end zone.

  • DONE... and with DeSean, lol
  • Had a bit of an odd one with this one, in a good way. Was playing franchise mode with a created team, my punt returner returned a punt for a TD before a clipping penalty was called on my team. Interestingly, I still got this achievement even though the penalty negated the touchdown.
  • got this while goin for the peyton hillis award. go josh cribbs!!
  • dang it. i got in the 15 with harvin... so close
  • (SIGH) This will probably be one of the few achievments I will probably have to boost for (Tim Tebow Award,Put Da Team On My Back, Mario Manignham Award,Leon Washington Award,
  • Ughh returning punts is so hard in this game
  • dis is hard
  • I was playing with the Eagles, managed to break a couple of tackles and returned a punt with Jackson, however the play got called back for holding but the achievement still popped! XD
  • @5 The 'put da team' one isn't that hard, just keep running back too the one yard line and hail mary. I got it second try, you will also get the Manningham one; and if you use Vick for the Tebow award, philly has a whole set of QB running plays that are pretty good.
  • this is sooo hard
  • do u have to edit evryone to get a TD? i can nevr get a 5yrd return cause i suck at punt returning.
  • got it last night as desean jackson playing against arizona, on rookie, with all of arizona's kick coverage team edited to zero ratings in speed, strength, tackling, etc. Even with all the boosting, it still took me around 5 tries to get it
  • I just can't return it for a TD after I break 5 tackles 6 people are right in my face.
  • I did this with Mike Wallace on All Pro last night, and there was a clipping call...i was legitely pissed for a few seconds. Then after they accepted the penalty, the achievement still popped. I dont think i've been that relieved in a while
  • I hav a tip for u guys do not show bow wen u r inside the 10 I learned that the hard way I was show bowing and i accidently stepped out of bounds at the 1

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