DeAngelo Hall Award Achievement

  • DeAngelo Hall Award



    Intercept 4+ passes in one game (No OTP or co-op)

    Edit your LB's and/or CB's stats to 99, enter a game with the Reaction Time and Interceptions sliders adjusted to 100. When the CPU QB throws the ball, quickly hit until your selected defender is near the receiver. Hit to intercept. This does not have to be done with one player.

  • Too bad he plays for the Redskins...
  • They gave this turkey an achievement
  • LOLOLOLOL Jay Cutler can't throw worth crap. Packers > Bears anyday sorry, but Bears suck.
  • KingMil knows what I'm talkin about yeeee boyyyyy
  • you've got either way too much team pride or way too little self esteem.
  • their gamerscores speaks for xMTGx G1V3R's remark
  • And your remarks suck, so I guess they speak for your mothers!
  • Holy crap that was creative
  • Easiest team for this one the eagles probably?
  • How do I have too little self esteem or too much team pride? I just don't like the Bears and thought it was hilarious that Cutler threw 4 interceptions to one defensive player on the Redskins. Sure, I truly appreciate my Green Bay Packers and all, but I also think Cutler is not a good Quarterback for the Chicago Bears and they can do better.
  • LOL @3 I HATE DeAngelo Hall
  • Lions baby..! Yeah idk, I heard most of these are able to be boosted online as well
  • I'm taking it that this is a whole team achievement, because it doesn't say with one specific player
  • All you have to do is have 4 or more combined int's in a game. I got 2 with d.hall, 2 with b.grimes, 1 with P. Peterson and it popped after the game was over.
  • Somehow I got this one inadvertently while playing in Superstar mode as a Rookie Running Back. Seems like the CPU earned this one. Definitely not my intentions, I wasnt even thinking interception achievement and I certainly wasnt trying to get it seeing how I could only play as a running back. Bahhh!! make me laugh. Some of the achievements are just handed to us I guess, but yet there are other achievements (i.e. CREATE A MUT TEAM - "THIS ONE IS EASY") that you cannot get EVER!!! Some us players actually do enjoy earning our achievements. Perhaps a few more brainstorming sessions before annoucing all of the crazy BRAND NEW and EXCITING changes to each year's game releases?? Just food for thought :)
  • easy just trade for dominque rodgers cromartie and champ baily
  • why is this 50g? I can't this just now with the colts,hell the other team throw it straight to another player on my team,way to easy

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