David Bowens Award Achievement

  • David Bowens Award



    Have 2 pick 6's in the same game (No OTP or co-op)

    Edit your LB's and/or CB's stats to 99, enter a game with the Reaction Time and Interceptions sliders adjusted to 100. When the CPU QB throws the ball, quickly hit until your selected defender is near the receiver. Hit to intercept and return the INT for a TD. This does not have to be done with one player.

  • Lets Go! I'm so glad browns got two achievments on this game.
  • Doesn't have to be the same defensive player
  • Does anyone know how to get this?
  • Set the game clock all the way up, and keep the ball in the other teams hands.
  • How do you get this Achievement? obviously its not that 2 in the same game Intercept 6 so how do you get this?
  • To get this achievement you have to do exactly what the description says. Pick off a pass and return it to the end zone for 6 points. Then do it again. I got this iwth my MUT against the steelers. Did it 3 times, and have 14 sacks to get that achievement at the same time. :D
  • Ahhhh thanks for the clarity. Only just started watching NFL and playing the Madden games and this one was confusing the hell out of me
  • I did this with Brian Dawkins against Joe Flacco. Then it told me I had 2 for 70G I couldnt find it anywhere then I figured out that this was my second achievement and added together with my first achievement, the San Diego Chargers award it adds up to over 70G.......so I got a difficult achievement right away in my second game ever.
  • It's amazing how easy this is to get online. People throws SO many INTs
  • can anyone help me get this or the bryan mcann award
  • What do you have to do for this one?
  • This one is a pain. I keep playing teams that I know are pass heavy like the Pats but for some reason they keep running the ball. I've intercepted a bunch of passes but usually I'm tackled right after landing. Any tips on this one?

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