New York Jets Award Achievement

  • New York Jets Award



    Gain over 100+ yards rushing with 2 RBs in the same game (No OTP or co-op)

    Edit two of your RB's stats to 99, enter a game with the Broken Tackles and Run Blocking sliders adjusted to 100. Select any Rushing play, making sure to rush 100+ yards with both RB's.

  • This achievement is about LT and Shonn Greene running it up all day.
  • I got this with Aaron Rodgers and James Starks
  • @2 , Aaron Rodgers is a QB. You probably did it with Ryan Grant and James Starks.
  • @2 Lol, you idiot
  • for those making fun of #2 i got it with michael vick and lesean mccoy. also got the qb rush for 130+ and the qb rating and the san diego defense one all at the same time
  • agree with #5... was trying to do it with RB Ray Rice and QB Joe Flacco of Ravens till Flacco got injured, then I did it with RB Ray Rice and WR Anquan Boldin... I believe it just requires you to rush 100+ yards with two players
  • I can confirm that I got this with a second account using a RB and QB... Hillis and whoever the Brown's QB is...
  • play the browns trade players to get good running back and blockers after one of the rb gets 100 switch and do it on rokie
  • Was going to say, the Texans would have this, but then again they only got it this year... Almost herped-a-derped.
  • easy just trade for chris jonson and adrian peterson and after u get 100 yards with 1 of them and then switch them out and do the same

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