Hey, Can I Talk to You? Achievement

  • Hey, Can I Talk to You?



    User complete one season's final cut day in Franchise Mode

    From the Main Menu, select Game Modes > Franchise Mode > New Franchise. Press to select any Team, followed by to accept the Team and continue. Once in the Franchise Year 1 main menu, press  to simulate the first three weeks of Pre-Season and let the CPU Cut Players. Once in Week 4 of Pre-Season, press  simulate the week, when prompted to either let the CPU make cuts or manually make cuts, select Go To Cut Players Screen. Once on the Cut Days menu, select any player to cut by pressing and then press to accept the cut and the Achievement will unlock.

  • sry 4 being so n00b, but how would u do this? lol
  • I don't have the game yet, but I think either you survive final cuts with your superstar, or in your Franchise you end the pre-season and enter the regular season. I'm getting the game in a few hours - if I remember, I'll come back and post what I did when it popped.
  • In the preseason of your Franchise. After you play a game it takes you to a cut list. Just do the one after the last game manually. (I think it asks you if you want to do it, or let the computer do it for you.)
  • do u have to go through a full season first then in that off season do it or can u get it in the off season that u start in right away?
  • I have user completed all cut days during franchise mode, and the achievement hasnt popped up! =( please help, idk what im doing wrong.
  • @ #5 I've done the same thing as you...twice and it has yet to unlock. I don't know what the issue is here.
  • For anyone still having trouble with this. After each preseason game you must cut the amount of players it says (Top right of the screen.) Do that each week and after you do it after the 4th preseason game you get it.
  • I user completed all cut days but it won't work. I simulated the games though. Do I have to play the games?
  • To do this achievement you have to hit the y button and go to cuts. make your cuts before each preseason game and you should get the achievement.

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