Tom Brady Award Achievement

  • Tom Brady Award



    Have a passer rating of 149+ in a game (No OTP or co-op)

    Set the Game to 1-Minute Quarters, enter a game with the QB Accuracy, Pass Blocking and WR Catching sliders adjusted to 100. Simply throw and catch at least 5-6 passes and finish the game.

    * Note: I unlocked the Achievement while going for the Overtime win Achievement and I went 6-for-6 with a passer rating of 158.3.

  • Got this achievement while playing superstar and being a running back...score
  • I got this while getting the Jahvid Best and Matt Scaub award
  • what is best way to get this, its such a bitch
  • 1st play of game do atleast a 40 yard td pass with qb then run ball rest of game
  • This one really is a pain in the neck.......with Sanchez I got 139 once but that's been my best effort so far. Will have to try your method #4
  • Play superstar as QB. Don't let any interceptions...score maybe 4 TDs...done.
  • All right this is how you do it create a WR player(not a superstar) and put him at 99 for everything and use a team with a good QB (I used Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers)vs a bad team on rookie difficulty and pass to him every play on a hail mary and I also put the 99 player as the kick returner and got the 2 kick returns achievement and you could also get other achievements easily like the raiders award (win by 49+ points)and the Verizon scoreboard overload (score 50+ points), Happy 20th EA SPORTS! (score 20 points in a game), Kenny Brit award (Gain 225+ yards receiving with one player), Mario Manningham Award (get a 92+ yard TD),DeSean Jackson Award (return a punt for a TD) and many more!
  • I got a 158.8 passer rating with my back up and no achievement does anyone know whats going on
  • pain in the but

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